A Year Full of Innovative Beauty Packages

Click through for an inspiring look at a few things that caught our eye in 2015.

With competition seemingly stronger than ever at counter and online, beauty brands and suppliers have put their all into creating attractive and highly functional packages that draw interest and captivate customers. Where fragrance used to be the leading category for custom designs, skin care and cosmetics are now contenders with curvy new shapes, eye-popping color and elaborate finishes.

Click through the slideshow above - for a look at some of the knockout packages that we came across and covered in Beauty Packaging within the past year.

Here's a few highlights:

In Personal Care and Makeup, Toly Moly used shape to identify ingredients and purpose at a glance.

Louboutin created as great a disrupter in lipstick as he had achieved in Nails.

Nail Polish continues to push the envelope in the unexpected, with brands such as Smith & Cult. (Scroll down in this feature to read about Smith & Cult and its co-founder, Dineh Dineh Mohajer.)

Both AmorePacific and La Mer hit high notes in skin care packaging.

And it would be hard to argue that Marc Jacobs Beauty brought revived excitement in Fragrance with the purse-like Decadence.

We hope you enjoy them all—and please email Jamie Matusow with your favorite innovative cosmetic or fragrance packages.
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