High-Potency Skin Care Products in Noteworthy Packaging

The packaging designed for these new skin care products—as well as the price tags—caught our eye.

The role of the delivery system in the effectiveness of a skin care product continues—especially when it comes to using products such as a serum, which typically requires a precise dropper - or a lotion that requires an airless package.

Brands and formulators have elevated skin care this year, launching highly effective products in equally effective packaging. And the trend is continuing throught 2016.

The slideshow above features some of the newest skin care products that have caught our attention - and a few that are launching in 2016. Some are paired with packaging that is equally noteworthy, with luxury price tags to match.

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Here’s more about the brands that are featured in the slideshow above...

Bellatorra Skin Care's Cellular Renewal Serum 

Cellular Renewal Serum by Bellatora, which retails for $350, is a multi-tasking luxury product that claims to make skin appear more hydrated, firmer, smoother and tighter. This concentrated formula works on a cellular level to regenerate and repair the appearance of damage caused by the environment.
As with other Bellatorra products, it is formulated with the brand's unique Torra48 time-release delivery system. Each features its own key ingredient complex that has been encapsulated in the brand's signature Bellaspheres, which are then released in a two-phase cycle that syncs with skin’s natural rhythm over a 48-hour period to provide greater and more efficient penetration. Hibiscus Bellaspheres, within this serum, increases skin density, firms, improves skin texture and corrects loss of elasticity to help regenerate skin and repair the appearance of damage caused by the environment.

Erasa XEP 30 by BioMimetic Labs

This product could be the ultimate answer to rapid skin renewal without Botox or surgery—with visible results reported in just two weeks. Erasa XEP 30 is said to be an extreme line lifting and rejuvenation concentrate.

Developed primarily by Jules Zecchino, a former head of Estée Lauder’s skin care R&D for more than two decades, Erasa is described as “representing the pinnacle of a total skin care solution, combining best-in-class anti-wrinkle technology with proprietary and patented actives that stimulate the skin’s power to rejuvenate.”

The secret to relaxing deep lines and wrinkles lies with the product’s three neuropeptides. Erasa recently received Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough award for 2015.

Primary packaging is from Compax Packaging; carton from Disc. The oval primary package is spare and sleek and the coppery band adds a luxe touch to the pearlized bottle, through which appears a second bottle that holds the formulation—kind of like an image of what the product holds in store for the future of your skin. The carton seamlessly carries through with a spare but premium design in a classy color combo.

Goldfaden MD’s Plant Profusion Collection

This anti-aging collection by Goldfaden MD retails for $145 to $235. It combines skin tightening, strengthening and hydrating agents—working together to diminish the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin. Detoxifying enzymes protect against DNA damage and stimulate the synthesis of collagen production improving overall healthy skin function, including circulation.
According to Goldfaden, the Plant Profusion collection was thoughtfully designed with a desire to create a luxurious experience for users. With the exception of the Supreme Serum, each product is lightly scented with a natural citrus oil blend.

The weighted glass jars and bottle are coated in a custom anti-chip matte gold finish and each one of the creams is accompanied by a custom-made spatula to allow for optimal product distribution. The spherical graphic design on the outer packaging carries over from box to box, creating a uniquely artistic compilation. This trend of coordinating graphic designs on the outer packaging is one that continues from the existing Goldfaden MD core collection.

(Read more about Goldfaden's package development process in this Online Exclusive: Telling the Brand Story Through Packaging.

Bioelements Plump Start

This new product launches in February 2016, and will retail for $49.50. Plump Start is powered by Bioelements' “liquid filler” Collagen-4 Complex.

Bioelements' Collagen-4 Complex is an intensive plumping concentrate that sends moisture deep into surface layers to soak skin with Vitamin C charged antioxidants, and significantly scavenge free radicals. It includes three Australian wild plums plus a moisture-magnet marine bioactive that holds moisture in to help support skin’s volume and reclaim natural youthfulness.
"There’s no need for needles,” says Bioelements’ director of education, Teresa Stenzel. “We’ve packed Plump Start with high levels of antioxidants – you can actually see the natural plum color – to scavenge skin-aging free radicals, and stimulate skin’s own moisture. It’s a “liquid filler” that’s completely different from standard hyaluronic acid formulas. It provides a continuous veil of hydration for instant youthful fullness, and long-term improvement of lines.” With the tube orientation turned upside down, it makes one think it will do the same for wrinkles!

Arcona’s Eye Dew Plus

This new product hits shelves this month, and retails for $95. It features Arcona's “breakthrough” iridescent formula that reveals itself with just one pump, immediately evening out dark circles and illuminating eyes.
With intensified concentrations of cutting edge actives dermaxyl and cavamax—and the hero ingredient, liquid crystals—Eye Dew Plus fights and diffuses the appearance of aging around eyes. 
 “The formulation fights crepiness and dehydration, diffusing the appearance of aging skin,” says Chanel Jenae, co-owner and head aesthetician, Arcona.

Eye Dew Plus can also be used to smooth and hydrate lips. The sparse words on the package are succinct and clear, and get across the product’s no-nonsense approach.

Kaplan MD Luxury Concentrate Collection

This premier collection of anti-aging treatments, as “equipped with the most expensive set of ingredients found in any skin care product in the world.” Kaplan MD's Luxury Concentrate Collection ($85-$165) combines advanced Nobel Prize winning technology and pharmaceutical grade ingredients that it says “provides a truly unique balanced diet for the skin.” The Concentrate line is the result of Dr. Kaplan’s breakthrough medical research on skin aging.

The Kaplan MD Luxury Concentrate Collection consists of: Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate, Night Replenishment Concentrate and Intensive Eye Concentrate. In total, 22 certified organic extracts for optimal skin nourishing, hydrating and healing benefits. And formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Petrolatum, Castor Oil, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing.

The sea-blue packaging conjures thoughts of waves washing in to rehydrate skin.

Junetics, from Mana Products

Mana is a founding partner of Junetics (see this interview with Nikos Mouyiaris), which is indicative of a recently expanding trend in high-end skin care whereby brands are circumventing retailers and selling direct to consumers and online.

Nikos Mouyiaris, founder of Mana Products, Inc., says, “We discovered a beauty breakthrough so unprecedented we knew it deserved to become its own company.” 

According to Mouyiaris, the proprietary E24 Complex was developed by combining “the best of revolutionary science and nature. It helps reinvigorate the skin’s own regenerative powers, revealing truly ageless looking skin. The E24 Complex stimulates intercellular communication to aid in the skin’s fight against the aggressors of daily life, such as UV exposure, pollutants, dehydration and stress with a proprietary formula that includes Gluco-E, Plant Stem Cells, Copper & Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid & Silicium.”

As a founding partner of Junetics, Mana will partner and manufacture all formulations. Products range in price from $50 for the eye cream to $98 for the day serum and $109 for the night cream. The minimalism of the airless packaging and double-walled jars exudes a professional, doctor-like aesthetic.

Nu Skin ageLOC Me

This is a skin care system that brings together Nu Skin's imost advanced anti-aging skin care technology with a smart delivery device for a truly personalized daily skin care regimen. And devices have captivated the beauty world this year, especially in facial care.

Nu Skin says its ageLOC Me system is a “smart” device that dispenses a customized regimen of anti-aging product based on a skin care self-assessment.

The app-based assessment takes into account skin care needs, environmental factors and personal preferences to determine a customer’s specific set of products from almost 2,000 combinations. Each day and night regimen is precisely dispensed to save time, reduce complexity and track usage for efficient application and effective results.

According to the multi-level marketer, initial consumer studies indicate that more than 90% of users found that ageLOC Me made their daily skin care regimen more convenient and that it made sticking to a skin care routine easier.

The price range for the initial Starter Kit is $550 to $650. The price range for refill cartridges is $160 to $210.The kit easily identifies the products and steps, and is easy to transport.

Elixir des Glaciers Limited Edition by Valmont

This luxury anti-aging cream retails for $750 - and it’s packaging for the Holiday 2015 season is the result of a collaboration between Valmont and Lalique.

Elixir des Glaciers Limited Edition is housed in a Chinese red lacquered wooden case, set with an authentic Lalique cabochon embedded in the center. Here’s the brand’s Votre Visage collection in its traditional gold packaging; and this video features Lalique’s president and CEO, Maz Zouhairi, discussing the collaboration.

View all these packages in the slideshow above.
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