Supernatural Launches Hand Sanitizer in Glass Bottles

By Beauty Packaging Staff | 06.02.20

The lifestyle brand is partnering with the National Forest Foundation

Supernatural, a lifestyle brand, has launched a hand sanitizer in glass bottles. The lifestyle brand is partnering with the National Forest Foundation. For every bottle purchased, 2 trees will be planted. 

Supernatural says it is focused on having "the smallest carbon footprint in the industry" -- and in response to the consumer's new needs for anti-bacterial products, the brand wanted to offer an eco-conscious sustainable option. 

Supernatural Hand Sanitizer is in an 8oz glass, reusable spray bottle. It is made with the FDA recommended 65% ethyl alcohol and pure essential oils. It is made in the USA and kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs in 15 seconds.

Alyce Alston, president, Supernatural, says, "For us, it was a no-brainer to create a Supernatural hand sanitizer that unlike 99% of the hand sanitizers on the market, comes in a glass, reusable bottle and protects not only you and your family, but also mama earth."

The 8oz reusable and toxic-free glass bottle lasts for 3,000 sprays – an average 6-8 weeks or longer. The glass bottle provides protection from heat and eliminates the breakdown and toxicity that occurs with plastic bottles, so it's perfect to keep in a car.

Supernatural sells home care products in reusable glass bottles, and refill concentrates are sold separately.