Green Goo Donates Hand Sanitizer

By Beauty Packaging Staff | 05.21.20

Supports U.S. based organizations and individuals affected by COVID-19.

All-natural body care brand Green Goo is supporting frontline workers, medical facilities and local and national organizations making a difference in the fight against COVID-19 with product donations, including FDA-compliant hand sanitizer and first aid items.
Pivoting at the onset of the global pandemic to produce an affordable hand sanitizer for those in need, Green Goo has leveraged its manufacturing partnerships to produce a steady supply of the 63.5% alcohol gel, in a variety of packaging options, in order to provide an in-stock solution for consumers and organizations alike.
"Our company mission is 'Spread Goodness,' and that never stops, regardless of the obstacles thrown in our way," Green Goo Co-Founder and CEO Jodi Scott said. "The organizations receiving our hand sanitizers -- major government and educational health authorities, hospitals, first responders, and shelters for at-risk populations, for example – are doing the kind of work necessary to keep people safe and informed during these uncertain times. To play any part in that world is the reason we started this company in the first place."
The list of organizations (see image) that have received donations of hand sanitizer or first-aid products from Green Goo ranges from hospitals and medical personnel to food banks, other first responder groups, and entities providing educational and protective services.
Green Goo is also setting aside a percentage of monthly hand sanitizer sales to select local and national organizations. The recipients of the financial contribution for the month of April were L.E.A.F (Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund, Lyons) and Direct Relief. Boulder Community Health Foundation (Boulder) and Johns Hopkins Medicine have been selected to receive financial donations following the month of May.
Additionally, donated products have been sent to numerous individuals working in hospitals with affected patients, social workers, small-business owners, and others defining the American response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Green Goo will continue to produce compliant hand sanitizer options and search for additional opportunities to offer related support for as long as deemed necessary by U.S. health officials.