Rohrer Spreads Positivity With ‘Good News Mondays’

By Beauty Packaging Staff | 05.01.20

Contributes $35,000 to local charities.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Rohrer is taking bold action to assuage employee fears, and build morale and positivity at work.
Earlier this year, Rohrer launched a COVID-19 Response Team. The team implemented risk mitigation strategies, including travel restrictions, sanitation policies and encouraging virtual meetings. By mid-March, Rohrer provided systems for more than 20% of the staff to work from home. They also increased safety protocols through strict social distancing policies, extended sick time limits and temperature screenings at the start of every shift. Reusable masks were provided for all on-site employees well before states like Illinois issued a mandate.
The new protocols help keep employees safe, but the company believes that any successful wellness program should also include mental health. Therefore, Steve Wirrig, Rohrer’s CEO, started working with his team to design a strategy to promote morale and positivity for all employee partners.
Good News Mondays
“Although our teams are separated anywhere from six feet to many miles, we set a goal to bring people together in a supportive and uplifting way.” Wirrig launched “Good News Mondays” as a way to help employees get excited to come to work every week. The company delivers “Good News” through weekly emails and on digital message boards in the facilities.
In the first few weeks, on-site employees received premium wage increases; Rohrer added a paid holiday to the calendar for everyone; and the biggest incentive yet was Rohrer’s employee raffle. Rohrer gave away more than $50,000 in prizes, including gaming systems, and gift cards for restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. One employee even won a car.
Now, in the fourth week of “Good News Mondays,” Rohrer Corporation is looking outwards towards the local communities. Each employee has the opportunity to vote for a local charity that helps people affected by COVID-19, and now the votes are in.
Rohrer will make $5,000 contributions to the following charities:
  • Arizona Food Bank Network
  • Casa de los Pobres in Tijuana
  • Feeding Medina County in Medina, OH
  • FISH of McHenry Food Pantry in McHenry, IL
  • North Gwinnett Co-op in Buford, GA
  • Onward House in Chicago, IL
  • West Suburban Community Pantry in DuPage County, IL
Although the program may change, the company leadership plans to continue “Good News Mondays” for at least the next few months. Wirrig concluded, “It’s unlikely that we’ll all be working together again any time soon, and the future of work will look a lot different. As long as we’re making changes, we can work to make things better for everyone.”

Nancy Mandiangu, a Rohrer employee in Buford, Georgia, took home a 2018 Ford Fusion as part of one of the "Good News Monday" raffles.