US Sanitizer Market Forecasted To Grow

By Beauty Packaging Staff | 04.27.20

New data from Reportlinker reveals the impact of COVID-19 on the market.

The US hand sanitizer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% during the period 2019–2025, according to a new market report from Reportlinker.

The US is the largest market for the hand hygiene wash and sanitization industry in the world. It has witnessed a variety of public health epidemics since the 2000s—SARs in 2004, H5N1 Avian influenza in 2006 and 2009 outbreaks of swine flu—all of which have driven the demand for hand sanitizers significantly.
Currently, the market has been witnessing a surge in demand for hand sanitizers due to the eruption of COVID-19 pandemic. Reportlinker says this peak is likely to continue for the next two years and would start to normalize after 2022. Commercial product sales have witnessed a sharp increase in revenue as individuals, educational institutes, companies, and industries ramp up their efforts to ensure safety and hygiene.

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Market Segments
Gel-based hand sanitizers witnessed a 73% spike in sales in March 2020 in the US amidst the outbreak of COVID-19. The ease of use and cost-effectiveness is boosting the sale of these handrubs among customers. The increasing application of hand antiseptics in the healthcare segment, which is one of the major end-user segments, is likely to drive growth.
Construction, manufacturing, painting and decoration sectors are the major end-users of liquid hand sanitizers. These handrubs have demonstrated better antimicrobial performance than gel-based counterparts, thereby increasing the adoption in several industries. With rising awareness of contagious infections across factories and construction sites, workers are getting inclined toward maintaining hand hygiene and safety.
Foam-based solutions are often considered to be safe, economical and hassle-free. With 70% ethyl alcohol content, these handrubs are predominantly used in K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitality and commercial segments.
Spray hand sanitizers are a niche product segment preferred by selective customer segments across the market. These products are often considered ideal for cost-conscious consumers and are mostly used in gyms and other health wellness centers along with several commercial places.

Key Players
The US hand sanitizer market is highly fragmented with many local and international players in the market. 3M, Gojo Industries, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever and Vi-Jon are the key leading vendors in the US hand sanitizer market.
Vendors are using new business models and focusing on developing the portfolio of their establishments to drive growth. The focus is heavily shifting toward the use of natural ingredients in hand sanitizers, according to Reportlinker.
The healthcare sector is expected to gain significant market shares by 2025 due to the eruption of COVID-19, which has increased the usage of hand sanitizers in hospitals and clinics. The rise in hospital-associated infections is another major factor influencing the market growth.

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