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Auber Packaging Co., Ltd

Company Headquarters

Building C, M3 Originality Center, No.2 Jianpeng Road(S),
Jiahe Lianbian Industrial Area, Baiyun District
Guangzhou, Guangdong 510440

Company Description

Since 2004, Auber is an ISO9001 Certified manufacturer of customized PE & laminated cosmetic tubes packaging solutions. We follow strict standards from raw material until goods delivery. Although Auber is recommended by more and more global customers with stable quality, short lead time & fast feedback, we will still be the silent partner of you.

Buyers' Guide

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    • Focus On Cosmetic Tubes - Auber Packaging Since 2004

      How do we complete a huge cosmetic tubes order in a short time? Adapted from a real order, this video shows how we work as a team. Auber packaging has been working on cosmetic tubes since 2004. Over the years, we've upgraded our facilities and tr…
      Videos Released on 09.06.2017