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July/August 2014

A new venue on Manhattan's West Side provides plenty of room for additional exhibitors and an increased number of attendees.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor with contributions from Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Environmental marketing must be truthful so customers are not misled.
by Victor Bell, President, EPI

Crowds gathered around the stage for the reception while winners were presented with trophies.

June 2014

Now in its 47th year, the world's largest beauty event continues to provide a vast showcase of packaging and cosmetic trends and attendance has soared.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Winners will be revealed at HBA Global on June 11 in New York.

April/May 2014

While some brands and suppliers focus on components made of eco-friendly materials, there is also a growing emphasis on clean production methods and efficient manufacturing processes.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

March 2014

Kelly Kovack presents a few not-to-be-missed packaging trends and opportunities.
by Kelly Kovack

January/February 2014

Launched in 1946 with just four products, The Estée Lauder Companies now encompasses more than 25 prestige brands marketed throughout the world, and generates more than $10 billion in annual sales. From skin care to hair care, color cosmetics to fragrance, packaging plays as critical a role in presenting today's formulations as it did 67 years ago-with the additional challenge of now maintaining the iconic DNA of each of the company's multiple brands. Read on for details on some of 2013's notable launches to discover why Beauty Packaging's readers voted The Estée Lauder Companies 2013 Beauty Company of the Year: Excellence in Packaging.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Smithers Pira looks at four possible advantages of flexible packaging.

October/November 2013

More bath and body products are being made with natural ingredients and fresh fragrances-and the brands that are behind them are using packaging in bright colors, unique shapes, eco-friendly materials and user-friendly design elements to help convey the message.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

September 2013

This year's premier show for creative packaging will feature a record 400 exhibitors from more than 30 countries.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

July/August 2013

When it comes to cartons and set-up boxes, texture and innovative embellishments are helping to create a more intimate experience with consumers.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

An awards presentation and reception was held on the show floor at HBA Global Expo.

June 2013

From nail polish to foundation, cosmetics packaging takes its cues from runway trends' and has become as bright and sophisticated as the products it contains.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Winners will be revealed at HBA Global on June 19 in New York.

April/May 2013

Package optimization, corporate policy and cost factors weigh in on efforts to minimize environmental impact while protecting and delivering the product.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

January/February 2013

Labels offer the flexibility and functionality brand marketers need to capture interest, but there are lots of obstacles and choices to consider when determining which will work best.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The eco-friendly brand launches new stylish designs and fragrances.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

December 2012

Suppliers have pushed the envelope as far as decorating bottles and cartons, and now some exciting new processes are on the threshold.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

September 2012

Bold colors, large closures, innovative decorating processes, and sustainability initiatives - such as light weighting and recycled materials - differentiate today's hair care products.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

June 2012

Winners will be revealed at HBA Global on June 19.

The certified organic personal care line employs an artistic package design, sustainable componentry, and an affordable price point.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

April/May 2012

Packaging designers and engineers are capitalizing on opportunities to save materials, cut costs and streamline processes by thinking through the entire supply chain when developing a product and package. Heres a look at current trends and what some leading suppliers are offering beauty brands to help them achieve their goals.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The 10th edition features an expanded list of seminar topics.

March 2012

Pureology's iconic hair care packaging gets a fresh, updated look that stands out on shelf.
by Robert Bergmann

The Jing Ai Cosmetics collection gets back to nature and features sustainable components.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

January/February 2012

The Shea Radiance packaging is designed to reflect the beauty and richness of what the customer will find within.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

December 2011

We hear all the time that innovative packaging is key to success in todays beauty market. But what actually constitutes an innovative package? We asked beauty industry experts in packaging, education, market analysis and brand manufacturing to weigh in on todays innovative concepts, and where were headed in the future.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

September 2011

Samples and unit-dose packaging help sell new products and sustain established brands.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

The events move to mid-year didnt deter booth traffic and interest.

July/August 2011

A necessary part of the package, innovative closures add value while maintaining function.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

The 9th edition of the popular packaging show draws rave reviews as exhibitors and attendees exceed previous years numbers.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

June 2011

From advanced materials to expanded decorating techniques, tubes continue to meet beauty brands needs on many levels. Heres a look at some of the markets leading trends.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The spring meeting of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition delves into topics from responsible material use, to product stewardshipand reviews its pending Labeling for Recovery project.
by John A. Delfausse, Este Lauder

Twenty-nine companies won awards for 24 innovative technologies.
by Lisa Samalonis

April/May 2011

From Unilever to LOral, Aveda to Lather, beauty brand manufacturers large and small have taken great strides to deliver the sustainable packaging consumers are asking forbut they couldnt do it without the extreme innovation of the industrys packaging providers. Here, we look at some who are blazing the way and why they may inspire others who wish they were as far along on the compliant path to customer loyalty and boardroom approval.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Beauty Packaging recently asked Suzanne Dawson, Avedas newly appointed vice president global innovation, about the brands unique policy and the future of sustainable packaging.

March 2011

Contract packaging takes on a variety of definitions, but one thing is agreed upon: As brands look to streamline their operations, suppliers that offer a diverse set of capabilities repeatedly sign on the dotted line.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

January/February 2011

Decorative finishes, creative shapes, technical advances and even digital interaction waft across fragrance counters to draw returning consumers closer.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

December 2010

Decorative techniques and airless components dominate trends at Octobers luxury packaging show.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

One Love Organics relies on simple, elegant, sustainable packaging for its luxury products.

Practical approaches to lower environmental and social impacts were the central theme of the three-day summit in Paris.

Innovative designs and stylized packaging wrap up todays home fragrances, which are now available at a wide array of venues.
by Lisa B. Samalonis, Contributing Editor

September 2010

Hundreds of beauty products vied for this years 10th annual recognition of outstanding package design.

July/August 2010

Todays caps and closures play a much greater role in packaging than just looking spiffy and functioning faultlessly. But when it comes to sustainability, it may not be such an open-and-shut case.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

An increase in attendees proved fruitful for revitalized exhibitors showcasing options from stock packaging to sustainable components.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The three-day event in October will be dedicated to initiatives that lower the environmental and social impact of beauty products and packaging.
by Amarjit Sahota, managing director, Organic Monitor

June 2010

New guideline allows for transportation analysis and its effect on packaging designs
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

April/May 2010

Eco-conscious consumers are demanding greener packaging to help save the planet, and corporate boards are requiring increased sustainability measures to boost the bottom line. Add in new global standards and growing retail requirements, and there may be a perfect storm gathering in the beauty world. Read on for the latest forecast.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

From prestige to mass and masstige, metals weighty form and appealing attributes add both real and perceived value to beauty products.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

A few points on recycling and how you can best go about it.
by John Delfausse

Beauty Packagings panel on sustainability set for Day One

March 2010

At an NJPEC event, Chris Hacker entertains and inspires attendees with tales from his sustainable packaging design desk.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

January/February 2010

User-friendly redesign maintains brand identity and educates consumers
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

December 2009

Todays rigid boxes and folding cartons not only house the product, but also influence purchasing decisions by upping the perceived value.
by Lindsay Mattioli, Contributing Writer

October / November 2009

Tis the season to set the pace for the coming year.
by Jennifer Hagemann, Contributing Writer

The right method provides multiple benefits for all.
by Frank Murphy, CSCP, and Keith Carter, MBA

September 2009

The New Jersey Packaging Executives Club (NJPEC) hosted the judging of Package of the Year, on Friday, September 11, in New York City.

More than 16,000 attendees expected at this year's event will be treated to an extensive variety of educational sessions in addition to a bustling exhibit area.

The pro-environment movement-along with other trends-is significantly impacting color cosmetic packaging in today's marketplace.
by Leah Genuario

From October 21-23, visitors to Luxe Pack Monaco will not only have the opportunity to view luxury packaging solutions from leading international suppliers, theyll also be able to pick the brains of prominent packaging and design experts.

June 2009

Mass beauty brands have stepped up packaging designs, taking their cues from high-end products because, with today's savvy young consumers, value per dollar is key to sales at any price.
by Jamie Matusow

Brands can maintain market share and consumer loyalty by offering a variety of price points as well as through packaging and iconic displays.
by Barbara Poder-Stiso

May 2009

Somewhere along the way, sustainability lost its earthy-crunchy stigma and became the cost-savings buzzword of the consumer products world, in part, thanks to mega-retailer Wal-Mart. While some niche beauty brands have always followed this eco-friendly route, here's why large corporate boards are now pushing for sustainable measures and how packaging suppliers are innovating with new methods and materials, even in a slow economy.
by Jamie Matusow

John Delfausse of Estee Lauder poses new challenges
by John Delfausse

Maureen Kelly of Tarte talks about going green.
by Maureen Kelly and Candace Craig

January / February 2009

Taking the excess bulk out of a package is one way to lessen the bottom line-and at the same time, increase efforts to go green.
by Joanna Cosgrove

The fragrance package is a challenging work of art that must at once capture the essence of the perfumer while providing the consumer with both visual and functional appeal.
by Jennifer Hagemann

December 2008

Eco-friendly brands are forging packaging partnerships that make 'green' truly beautiful.
by Joanna Cosgrove

October / November 2008

Brand owners are responding to consumer desires and a challenging retail marketplace with a flurry of innovative gift set packages.
by Leah Genuario

September 2008

More than 16,000 industry professionals are expected to attend Septembers health and beauty conference and exhibition in Manhattan.

July/August 2008

An expanded cast of luxury packaging companies, business-friendly lounges and an inspired seminar program draw rave reviews.
by Jamie Matusow

Things are good in the personal hygiene market, but as convenience and ease of use continue to drive the packaging, will demand for liquids and foamers send bar soap swirling down the drain?
by Paula Farquharson

April/May 2008

Beauty brands taking a serious look at sustainability issues should look on the bright side and welcome timely opportunities for innovation and cost reduction. Here, some sound advice and some savvy solutions...
by Jamie Matusow

March 2008

Brand marketers use various adornments to catch the consumer's eye.
by Leah Genuario

December 2007

Gift sets need to immediately wow holiday shoppers beset with choices.
by Christine Esposito

April / May 2007

A look at sustainable and recyclable packaging in the personal care arena.
by Ava Caridad

April/May 2006

Beauty marketers work toward the goal of sustainable packaging with growing success
by Leah Genuario

June 2005

Being ecologically correct is proving to be cost effective as well.
by Janet Herlihy, Editor

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