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July/August 2014

Industry insiders discuss 'green' challenges, and how it's a balancing act for a luxury brand.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

June 2014

Beauty companies need to adapt now to changing norms - or be left behind when savvy consumers make their well thought-out purchases.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

April/May 2014

A carefully coordinated packaging theme creates a stronger, more memorable brand presence for product collections at retail.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

January/February 2014

With an agenda designed to spur industry creativity, The Fragrance Foundation brought together a group of some of today's most inspiring speakers, from a rousing politician to a free-thinking designer.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

December 2013

Favorites ranged from our annual Top 20 Global Beauty Companies to The Details of Deco

October/November 2013

More bath and body products are being made with natural ingredients and fresh fragrances-and the brands that are behind them are using packaging in bright colors, unique shapes, eco-friendly materials and user-friendly design elements to help convey the message.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Back on Track and Primed for Expansion
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

July/August 2013

Stock packaging, in its many forms, provides brand differentiation while controlling costs and accelerating time-to-market.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

June 2013

New designs, materials and manufacturing processes for all types of cosmetic applicators and beauty tools enable consumers to apply makeup like a pro.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Despite its maturity, the tube market continues to innovate through decoration, dispensing systems and an eye for social responsibility' and from mass to prestige, their numbers are growing.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Graduates of the Fashion Institute of Technology's master's program predict the big changes ahead for the beauty industry - and packaging - in 2020.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

April/May 2013

Package optimization, corporate policy and cost factors weigh in on efforts to minimize environmental impact while protecting and delivering the product.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

March 2013

Since the animal testing ban in the EU, some say that displaying the Leaping Bunny symbol on packaging is more important than ever.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

January/February 2013

How an online collaborative design process helped Ineke create packaging for its recent fragrance launches, in record time.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Since the animal testing ban in the EU, some say that displaying the Leaping Bunny symbol on packaging is more important than ever.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

December 2012

Packaging for home fragrances conveys an upscale look-with minimal logos, innovative containers, and more attention placed on design-in hopes that consumers will want to prominently display the items at home.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

October/November 2012

With the world’s population expected to reach 7.6 billion by 2020, global beauty companies continue to fine-tune their strategies, making constant adjustments as they keep one eye on new markets and the other on established ones. Here, we zero in on how the Top 20 saw their way through 2011, and what their visions are for years to come.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

July/August 2012

Caps and closures top off packages and provide a star-studded, yet functional, look of distinction.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

Beauty brands are eyeing sensory-stimulating display cartons that are sustainable and quick to produce.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

June 2012

The synergistic coupling of formulation, applicator and delivery system is crucial for product success.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

April/May 2012

Shimmering packages dressed up with metal or metallized effects catch the consumer’s eye and add perceived value.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

March 2012

Full-service providers offer cost advantages and help production run smoothly and on-time.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

Decorative accessories, like flowers, bows, charms and other jewelry, adorn the latest beauty packages and can increase consumer appeal and perceived value.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

October/November 2011

The beauty industry and consumers join together to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

Developing markets continue to be the name of the game for this year’s Top 20 Global Beauty Companies, and the race is on to recruit billions of new customers over the next decade.

September 2011

Samples and unit-dose packaging help sell new products and sustain established brands.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

July/August 2011

The 9th edition of the popular packaging show draws rave reviews as exhibitors and attendees exceed previous years’ numbers.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The agency issues final rule for labeling and effectiveness testing for OTC sunscreen products sold in US.
by Holly Jensky

March 2011

As the use of holography expands in the beauty aisle, the technology continues to break new ground.
by Glenn Wood, Contributing Writer

January/February 2011

While the U.S. limps out of the recession, China’s beauty industry takes off full speed ahead.
by Jennifer Conrad, Special Correspondent

December 2010

Practical approaches to lower environmental and social impacts were the central theme of the three-day summit in Paris.

‘Down to Earth’ will impact beauty industry
by Nica Lewis

October/November 2010

Navigating 2009’s economic crisis wasn’t easy for the Top 20 Global Beauty Companies—or any others for that matter—but here’s a look at how they responded to the challenges and found their way through the darkness to a brighter forecast.

July/August 2010

The scientific marketing savvy behind beauty products with benefits has proved to be a shot in the arm for the industry’s global health.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Top packaging companies and key speakers add up to three action-packed days for the beauty industry.

The three-day event in October will be dedicated to initiatives that lower the environmental and social impact of beauty products and packaging.
by Amarjit Sahota, managing director, Organic Monitor

June 2010

Whether due to travel restrictions or as a way to entice consumers to purchase full-size products, samplers and small beauty packages of 3.4-oz. or less are proving to be big business.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

From 1996 through the present, Beauty Packaging has provided cosmetic, fragrance and personal care professionals with relevant product news and packaging information. As BP celebrates its 15th anniversary, it remains the only magazine and online community fully dedicated to packaging for the beauty industry. Following is a brief look, year by year, of a fraction of the many product and packaging introductions that have appeared in the pages of BP over the past 15 years, along with a sprinkling of industry trends, announcements and appointments. Interspersed throughout you’ll find insight and personal comments on the last decade and a half from leaders of key organizations as well as longstanding suppliers. We hope you enjoy this trip down Beauty Packaging’s Memory Lane, and we look forward to commemorating your special efforts and announcements in the future.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

April/May 2010

Eco-conscious consumers are demanding greener packaging to help save the planet, and corporate boards are requiring increased sustainability measures to boost the bottom line. Add in new global standards and growing retail requirements, and there may be a perfect storm gathering in the beauty world. Read on for the latest forecast.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

January/February 2010

Which products will win distinction this year? Here’s a recap of last year’s winners to spark your enthusiasm for 2010’s eagerly awaited announcements.
by Pamela L. Kerpius

Knowledge and understanding is the key to keeping your package beautiful and compliant.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

President and CEO addresses sold-out crowd at CEW event
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

December 2009

Driven by a turn in the economy, innovation has taken on new meaning as both brands and suppliers explore new territory on the route to a profitable package. Here, key players share their thoughts on what innovation means to them.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

October / November 2009

Lean, Mean Beauty Machines

September 2009

In today’s economy, classic scents hold strong appeal, and would-be fragrance consumers have to be wowed into trying something new. Following is a look at some of this fall’s launches and the key role packaging plays in adding desire back into the purchasing equation.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

June 2009

Today's sampling constructions offer beauty lines exciting branding opportunities that build loyal customers and drive sales.
by Leah Genuario

May 2009

Somewhere along the way, sustainability lost its earthy-crunchy stigma and became the cost-savings buzzword of the consumer products world, in part, thanks to mega-retailer Wal-Mart. While some niche beauty brands have always followed this eco-friendly route, here's why large corporate boards are now pushing for sustainable measures and how packaging suppliers are innovating with new methods and materials, even in a slow economy.
by Jamie Matusow

Maureen Kelly of Tarte talks about going green.
by Maureen Kelly and Candace Craig

January / February 2009

Despite the global economic crisis, demand for cosmetics in Asia continues to rise-and impressive sales in Hong Kong lead the way.
by Paula Farquharson

October / November 2008

by Jamie Matusow

September 2008

When packaging a formulation, don't forget the wow factor that the right tool can bring.
by Christine Esposito

April/May 2008

Beauty brands taking a serious look at sustainability issues should look on the bright side and welcome timely opportunities for innovation and cost reduction. Here, some sound advice and some savvy solutions...
by Jamie Matusow

Due to its recyclable nature, metal is shining brighter than ever with brand marketers all over the world.
by Leah Genuario

March 2008

Whether reaching out to Latinos via Spanish or English, marketers must go beyond words to show consumers they're on the same page.
by Jamie Matusow

January / February 2008

Labels need to adhere, identify, impress and inform-and do so in a legal manner.
by Christine Esposito

December 2007

Today's dispensers are much more than simple packaging components; they are sophisticated mechanisms that play a role in the application of the formula, as well as in the loyalty of the consumer.
by Christine Esposito

Gift sets need to immediately wow holiday shoppers beset with choices.
by Christine Esposito

Decoration techniques can make glass packaging even more sophisticated and attractive.
by Christine Esposito

November 2007

Color sells products and speaks volumes. Are you using it wisely?
by Christine Esposito

P&G tops our list of the biggest beauty companies in the world.
by Jamie Matusow

September 2007

Marketers are turning to tubes to package a wide array of personal care.
by Christine Esposito

Pairing electronics with plastic and paper, also known as smart packaging, may one day revolutionize the beauty industry.
by Leah Genuario

Marketers throughout the cosmetic industry rely on unusual yet functional packages for their personal care products.
by Christine Esposito

The beauty industry bands together to raise awareness – and funds - for breast cancer charities.
by Joanna Cosgrove

July / August 2007

The clock is ticking for celebrity fragrances.
by Christine Esposito

March 2007

Brand marketers recognize the importance of connecting with the U.S. Hispanic population through products, packaging and marketing.
by Leah Genuario

January / February 2007

by Christine Esposito, Contributing Editor

October / November 2006

Technology helps point-of-purchase displays contend with both limited shelf space and limited consumer attention spans.
by Christine Esposito

by Ava Caridad

September 2006

Tube suppliers race to provide better tubes faster at more economical price points.
by Christine Esposito

June 2006

Serving as a marketing tool and as a protective outer shell, secondary packages fill two roles.
by Christine Esposito

April/May 2006

Metal packaging has been re-imagined and re-shaped in 2006.
by Mary Jane Tenerelli

by Christine Esposito

March 2006

Package Accessories add the finishing, distinctive touch to beauty products.
by Janet Herlihy

October / November 2005

Our annual list of the industry's top companies, ranked according to beauty sales.
by Leah Genuario

June 2005

Being ecologically correct is proving to be cost effective as well.
by Janet Herlihy, Editor

March 2005

More than simply package design, this studio provides detailed research for every project.
by Janet Herlihy

November / December 2004

May / June 2003

The gleam of gold, silver and other minerals adds that special touch to packaging for cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products.
by Anita Shaw

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New President/CEO at AMOREPACIFIC U.S.

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ICMAD 2012 CITY Awards Open For Nominations

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FIT’s Virginia Bonofiglio to Speak About Industry Careers at CIBS Luncheon

Posted on March 6, 2012 @ 08:22 am

Topline Products Acquires European Cosmetics Packaging Company

Posted on September 26, 2011 @ 11:14 am

Getting Green at Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Posted on February 10, 2011 @ 09:39 am

Gurwitch Products Names New President and CEO

Posted on January 28, 2011 @ 08:29 am

FIT to Celebrate Marketing Program's 10th Anniversay

Posted on September 17, 2010 @ 08:17 am

OPI Not for Sale, Says Founder

Posted on August 31, 2010 @ 07:36 am

Greyson Names Consultants for Trilexon Licensing

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Anisa International Offers Cash for Cosmetic Brush Design

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HBA Global Moves NYC Office

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Estee Lauder's 3Q Earnings Double

Posted on May 4, 2010 @ 10:42 am

CEW Announces Indie Beauty Award Finalists

Posted on April 12, 2010 @ 08:28 am

New Date and Venue for Perfume Expo America

Posted on June 1, 2009 @ 02:53 pm

Susan Arnold To Retire from P&G

Posted on March 9, 2009 @ 09:52 am

The Top 10 Natural Cosmetic Ingredients for 2009

Posted on December 30, 2008 @ 12:30 pm

Only Two Shopping Days Left...

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As Economy Slides, Cosmetics Sector Looks Beautiful

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Tween Beauty Habits Are on the Rise

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