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July/August 2014

A new venue on Manhattan's West Side provides plenty of room for additional exhibitors and an increased number of attendees.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor with contributions from Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Beauty and personal care suppliers, key features and a conference session draw a crowd.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

You shouldn't have to persuade management to invest in packaging, but if you do - keep these points in mind.
by Scott Young

Package design is more important than ever in a digital world - here's why.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Creativity and artistic expression reign at MakeUp in Paris at the Louvre, where exhibitors and attendees stream double digits over last year.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

June 2014

Consumers are having lots of fun with color, and suppliers are developing new packaging to keep formulations fresh and long-lasting, as well as attractive and desirable.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Portable and efficient, tubes have become a package of choice for a range of beauty formulations, and new technology has made them more attractive than ever.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

Consumers are realizing the importance of using the right applicators and tools, while brands, as well as suppliers, are delivering more innovative options than ever before.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Now in its 47th year, the world's largest beauty event continues to provide a vast showcase of packaging and cosmetic trends and attendance has soared.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

April/May 2014

Metal components-and metallic effects–are being used by all types of brands, from hair care to fragrance, on packaging that is bound to attract attention.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

A carefully coordinated packaging theme creates a stronger, more memorable brand presence for product collections at retail.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

Brazilians favor plastic over any other material for their health and beauty product packaging.
by Catherine O’Connor, senior analyst, Canadean

March 2014

Brands are requesting more functional airless packages, and suppliers are offering formulation-preserving solutions in new shapes and colors.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Getting a new product to market doesn't have to be difficult, especially when great packaging and formulations are at the ready.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

Categories including sun care, men's and travel are driving an increase in packaging innovations and re-designs. And thanks to industry suppliers, bright colors, sharp graphics, a range of shapes and sizes, and smart dispensing systems stand out visibly on shelves.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Why dispensing innovation will be essential in the global sun care market.
by Karine Dussimon, senior packaging analyst, Euromonitor International

The iconic brand from the 90s, Jane Cosmetics, has new formulations, a new look, and a mission to help empower women to be confident, courageous and socially conscious.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Packaging for cosmetics: beautiful and efficient. See how these brands are balancing luxury with sustainability, and the processes and machinery that are helping with these efforts.

It's Earth Day 2014 - see what these brands, and TerraCycle - have been up to.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

January/February 2014

Launched in 1946 with just four products, The Estée Lauder Companies now encompasses more than 25 prestige brands marketed throughout the world, and generates more than $10 billion in annual sales. From skin care to hair care, color cosmetics to fragrance, packaging plays as critical a role in presenting today's formulations as it did 67 years ago-with the additional challenge of now maintaining the iconic DNA of each of the company's multiple brands. Read on for details on some of 2013's notable launches to discover why Beauty Packaging's readers voted The Estée Lauder Companies 2013 Beauty Company of the Year: Excellence in Packaging.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Energy and raw materials are becoming increasingly expensive. At the same time, customers' environmental awareness is growing. Under these conditions, how is it possible to continue to create stylish packaging designs for creams, lipsticks and makeup? New production technologies offer a solution.
by Sascha Rentzing

December 2013

What makes one beauty package stand out from the next? The answers run the gamut - from shape to materials, decoration to dispenser. We spoke to a number of industry analysts, suppliers and brands about their thoughts on innovation, knockout packages of the year and a few all-time greats.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

More and more, brands are relying on coatings, finishes and embellishments to transform ordinary packages into extraordinary ones.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

Current trends in dispensing systems are driving brands to upgrade to pumps that offer more aesthetic appeal and functionality, while suppliers are delivering innovative new dispensing solutions to accommodate any type of formulation.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Colorful and opulent decorative effects stole the spotlight at the 26th annual international show for creative packaging.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

October/November 2013

Sophisticated skin care formulations continue to seek airless packaging, as well as innovative designs and increasingly functional componentry.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Contributing Editor

More bath and body products are being made with natural ingredients and fresh fragrances-and the brands that are behind them are using packaging in bright colors, unique shapes, eco-friendly materials and user-friendly design elements to help convey the message.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

With double the number of exhibitors of last year, the boutique-like makeup-only show continued to draw top brand executives to its expanded space on the west side of Manhattan.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

September 2013

More effective types of beauty sampling programs, which target specific types of customers, are trending-and this is increasing the demand for innovative samplers, as well as deluxe, unit-dose and travel sizes that are designed to fulfill new needs being requested by beauty brands.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Some beauty component manufacturers are steadfast; others are opening regional facilities to meet demand. Here's a sampling of products and capabilities available in the U.S.A.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The Las Vegas B2B beauty show drew high marks from both exhibitors and visitors.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

This year's premier show for creative packaging will feature a record 400 exhibitors from more than 30 countries.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Manuka Doctor's skin care products get their ingredients from bees - and the trendy buzzing insects also inspired its logo and packaging.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Energy and raw materials are becoming increasingly expensive. At the same time, customers' environmental awareness is growing. Under these conditions, how is it possible to continue to create stylish packaging designs for creams, lipsticks and makeup? New production technologies offer a solution.
by Sascha Rentzing

Derma-e, a brand based on using natural ingredients, has a colorful bold new look that conveys the products' efficacy.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

October is Non-GMO Awareness Month - and if your natural beauty brand sells at Whole Foods, GMO labeling will be required by 2018. Here's how one natural brand is leading this campaign.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

July/August 2013

The creative packaging show proved more robust than ever as it drew thousands of influential packaging professionals to its sold-out show floor and SRO educational sessions.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

HBA remains strong in providing a gathering spot for industry buyers and suppliers to network, exchange information and plan for the future - in addition to offering the latest packaging and formulations for cutting-edge product development.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

MakeUp in Paris attracted thousands from the global beauty industry with a curated selection of cosmetic suppliers featuring innovative products from packaging to powders.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

June 2013

From nail polish to foundation, cosmetics packaging takes its cues from runway trends' and has become as bright and sophisticated as the products it contains.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Despite its maturity, the tube market continues to innovate through decoration, dispensing systems and an eye for social responsibility' and from mass to prestige, their numbers are growing.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The longevity and weight of metal makes this material stand out.
by Dr. Benjamin Punchard, Senior Global Packaging Analyst, Mintel

April/May 2013

Package optimization, corporate policy and cost factors weigh in on efforts to minimize environmental impact while protecting and delivering the product.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Metals-and-metallized finishes are being used in various ways to create packaging designed to convey a brand's own unique marketing message.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

As the sun protection category grows, customers expect the same level of packaging innovation they see in other personal care sectors.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

With Day 1 once again dedicated to the world of beauty packaging, Cosmopack drew brand teams from all over the world eager to kick off the start of Bologna's comprehensive global beauty fair by first finding just the right packaging components.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

A look at how packaging preferences and trends are country-specific.
by Regina Maiseviciute, senior analyst-packaging, Euromonitor International

March 2013

Consumer demand for 'added value,' along with more advanced skin care formulations, continue to drive the design of new airless packages.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

From upscale metallized tubes to small round plastic pots, cosmetic packaging suppliers have helped brands propel lip products to a new status as lifestyle accessories that are as individual as the consumers who are purchasing them.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The brand developed four distinct fragrances, and each has a different personality that is conveyed through the vibrant patterns and graphics.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Since the animal testing ban in the EU, some say that displaying the Leaping Bunny symbol on packaging is more important than ever.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

The celeb sisters' new sun care line has colorful packaging with beach-inspired hues.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

January/February 2013

Beauty Packaging's online readers voted Laura Mercier 2012's Beauty Company of the Year: Excellence in Packaging. Here, we talk to beauty industry experts and the brand's packaging team about the
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Brandimage was inspired by the medicinal world when they created the brand's new look.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

The brand developed four distinct fragrances, and each has a different personality that is conveyed through the vibrant patterns and graphics.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Since the animal testing ban in the EU, some say that displaying the Leaping Bunny symbol on packaging is more important than ever.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

December 2012

The increasing challenges of 'new today, gone tomorrow'-brought about in part by rampant Internet exposure-have sped up the demand for innovative packaging in the beauty world. Here, highly regarded industry trends experts and top packaging innovators share their thoughts on how brands and suppliers are syncing componentry, technology-and effective partnerships-to best drive new product success.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

As the creative packaging show celebrated its impressive 25th year, one focus was on beauty products as small luxuries, with many packaging components designed for sensory appeal.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The brand's visual imagery conveys its ideals.
by Marie Redding

Brandimage was inspired by the medicinal world when they created the brand's new look
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

October/November 2012

Benjamin Punchard, senior global packaging analyst, Mintel

With a competitive market bursting with formulas using highly sophisticated and/or natural ingredients, packaging suppliers must satisfy a number of specific demands and requirements.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Brands are taking different design approaches to bottles, tubes and jars, in an effort to convey product attributes to consumers.
by Marie Redding, Associate Editor

The obsession with skin care products has given the packaging business a big boost.
by Regina Maiseviciute, industry analyst, Euromonitor International

July/August 2012

Caps and closures top off packages and provide a star-studded, yet functional, look of distinction.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

Beauty brands are eyeing sensory-stimulating display cartons that are sustainable and quick to produce.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

Consumers are looking for quality and added functionality.
by Karine Dussimon, senior packaging analyst, Euromonitor International

June 2012

With billions of color cosmetics packages sold annually, suppliers are helping brands capture market share with innovative packaging that gets customers talkingand sales registers ringing.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Despite its longevity as a packaging solution, tube technology continues to flow.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

An at-a-glance look at this years special features

by Karine Dussimon, Senior Analyst Packaging at Euromonitor International

April/May 2012

Packaging designers and engineers are capitalizing on opportunities to save materials, cut costs and streamline processes by thinking through the entire supply chain when developing a product and package. Heres a look at current trends and what some leading suppliers are offering beauty brands to help them achieve their goals.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Increased use of sunscreen, along with new FDA monograph guidelines, are spurring interest in a wide variety of stylish, functional and convenient componentry.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

March 2012

Many brands are taking advantage of the range of benefits offered by an airless package. Choosing airless for the right reasons may benefit your brand significantly.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

In the tricky mascara market, with consumers showing little brand loyalty and a strong desire for results, trends can change in the blink of an eyeand packaging holds the key to success.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Full-service providers offer cost advantages and help production run smoothly and on-time.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

The Thymes Ltd. Mandarin Coriander line possesses a refreshing, nostalgic feel.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

The Jing Ai Cosmetics collection gets back to nature and features sustainable components.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

January/February 2012

Versatility and flexibility enable labels to deliver clear and compelling brand messages.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

33rd annual event features Package of the Year award
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

THEFACESHOP, a South Korea-based retailer of body, bath, skin care and makeup products for both men and women, leverages its tubes label area with a new design approach.

Packaging Megabrands for Global Success
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The Shea Radiance packaging is designed to reflect the beauty and richness of what the customer will find within.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

December 2011

We hear all the time that innovative packaging is key to success in todays beauty market. But what actually constitutes an innovative package? We asked beauty industry experts in packaging, education, market analysis and brand manufacturing to weigh in on todays innovative concepts, and where were headed in the future.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

High-tech dispensing technology, including pumps, tubes, click pens, ampoules and more, ensures product integrity with style.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

October/November 2011

Todays advanced skin care formulations can be tough on yesterdays packaging technology. Fortunately, innovative packaging manufacturers are keeping pace.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The current skin care stars are nourishers/anti-agers and their unique packages.
by Benjamin Punchard

September 2011

Samples and unit-dose packaging help sell new products and sustain established brands.
by Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

Private label products offer economic advantages to both end-users and brands.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The events move to mid-year didnt deter booth traffic and interest.

As consumers demand increased protection and precise product dosage, plastic dispensing closures may fade into the background.
by Dr. Benjamin Punchard

Dr. Benjamin Punchard, head of packaging research at Euromonitor International discussed the impact of demographic changed on beauty and personal care packaging.
by Dr. Benjamin Punchard

July/August 2011

Stock packaging offers cost advantages, speed and convenience to brands both small and large.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The 9th edition of the popular packaging show draws rave reviews as exhibitors and attendees exceed previous years numbers.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Anti-aging skin care formulations enhanced with enzymes and antioxidants are matched with lab-worthy packaging for a compelling science-meets-nature beauty story.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

The agency issues final rule for labeling and effectiveness testing for OTC sunscreen products sold in US.
by Holly Jensky

June 2011

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit returned to New York, to educate and challenge the organic and natural cosmetics industries.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

From high-quality brushes to applicators hinging on medical devices, beauty industry suppliers are generating the means for consumers to enhance their appearance, all while keeping both convenience and functionality in mind.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

From advanced materials to expanded decorating techniques, tubes continue to meet beauty brands needs on many levels. Heres a look at some of the markets leading trends.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

The Q-Test line of testing equipment is here, allowing tube makers a consistent means of cutting down labor time.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

April/May 2011

From Unilever to LOral, Aveda to Lather, beauty brand manufacturers large and small have taken great strides to deliver the sustainable packaging consumers are asking forbut they couldnt do it without the extreme innovation of the industrys packaging providers. Here, we look at some who are blazing the way and why they may inspire others who wish they were as far along on the compliant path to customer loyalty and boardroom approval.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

With consumer awareness growing, the sun care market is getting more sophisticated, and packaging suppliers are keeping pace with dispensers everyone can count on.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

The annual global beauty show launched in perfect sync with the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

Beauty Packaging recently asked Suzanne Dawson, Avedas newly appointed vice president global innovation, about the brands unique policy and the future of sustainable packaging.

March 2011

From a humble start, airless packaging continues to grow, mature and thrive. And with so many suppliers eager to accommodate demand, a mark of certification may be just around the corner.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

January/February 2011

The label market may be healthier than ever as suppliers report increased functions that go well beyond establishing brand identity.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

While the U.S. limps out of the recession, Chinas beauty industry takes off full speed ahead.
by Jennifer Conrad, Special Correspondent

December 2010

Whether provocatively see-through or richly imbued with color, todays innovative beauty packages go beyond sheer good looks and elaborate delivery systems to reach consumers on a more personal level.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

With a focus on the consumer experience, dispensing technology continues to evolve, giving brands additional means to differentiate.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

Even simple packages can be transformed into works of art through creative use of decoration.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Decorative techniques and airless components dominate trends at Octobers luxury packaging show.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

October/November 2010

The natural cosmetics line leveraged green certification, a new color, tubes and labeling innovations for a complete brand makeover.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

New trends emerge at the beauty industrys biggest show, as suppliers report high attendee interest.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

September 2010

Whether reinventing the classics, emphasizing the star quality, appealing to the masses or playing up the portability aspect, todays fragrance spotlight beams brightly on the packaging.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

With attributes ranging from cost-effectiveness to decorative capabilities, tubes continue to roll out as a package of choice in the beauty and personal care market.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

Research proves consumers love makeup, and as the market grows, so do the packaging innovations.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Hundreds of beauty products vied for this years 10th annual recognition of outstanding package design.

July/August 2010

Off-the-shelf packaging components provide many advantages including ready access and speed to market.
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

The scientific marketing savvy behind beauty products with benefits has proved to be a shot in the arm for the industrys global health.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

An increase in attendees proved fruitful for revitalized exhibitors showcasing options from stock packaging to sustainable components.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

June 2010

Those who made it to the largest international beauty expositiondespite the volcanowere rewarded with innovative products and an optimistic outlook for the future. And thanks to Icelands ash cloud, many relished the opportunity to walk the aisles for more days than originally planned.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

From 1996 through the present, Beauty Packaging has provided cosmetic, fragrance and personal care professionals with relevant product news and packaging information. As BP celebrates its 15th anniversary, it remains the only magazine and online community fully dedicated to packaging for the beauty industry. Following is a brief look, year by year, of a fraction of the many product and packaging introductions that have appeared in the pages of BP over the past 15 years, along with a sprinkling of industry trends, announcements and appointments. Interspersed throughout youll find insight and personal comments on the last decade and a half from leaders of key organizations as well as longstanding suppliers. We hope you enjoy this trip down Beauty Packagings Memory Lane, and we look forward to commemorating your special efforts and announcements in the future.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

April/May 2010

Eco-conscious consumers are demanding greener packaging to help save the planet, and corporate boards are requiring increased sustainability measures to boost the bottom line. Add in new global standards and growing retail requirements, and there may be a perfect storm gathering in the beauty world. Read on for the latest forecast.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

From powders and wipes to pumps and tubes, brands are turning up the creative heat on sun care formulations and packaging options.
by By Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

March 2010

Airless packaging is on the rise, and it's no wonder. Not only does it protect formulations from air, it dispenses nearly 100% of the product. And the further good news: New options are making it more cost-effective than ever.
by Steve Katz

Multicultural beauty products are meeting the growing needs of U.S. women and consumers in Asia, India, Dubai and beyond.
by Lisa B. Samalonis, Contributing Writer

January/February 2010

User-friendly redesign maintains brand identity and educates consumers
by Steve Katz, Associate Editor

Which products will win distinction this year? Heres a recap of last years winners to spark your enthusiasm for 2010s eagerly awaited announcements.
by Pamela L. Kerpius

December 2009

Dispensers play a pivotal role in enhancing the package and product performance across all beauty categories.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Attendees with an upbeat attitude mirrored packaging launches full of whimsy and lightheartedness.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

October / November 2009

Innovative delivery systems meet growing needs.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Tis the season to set the pace for the coming year.
by Jennifer Hagemann, Contributing Writer

Attendance was strong as buying crowd headed to Javits.
by Jamie Matusow, Editor

September 2009

The pro-environment movement-along with other trends-is significantly impacting color cosmetic packaging in today's marketplace.
by Leah Genuario

From new decorating capabilities to advanced applicators, tube packaging continues to evolve and fill the bill across multiple beauty categories.
by Leah Genuario

July/August 2009

Developing a custom look can be quick, economical and easy. Here's how multiple brands and suppliers have successfully teamed up to make the most of stock products.
by Leah Genuario

June 2009

Today's sampling constructions offer beauty lines exciting branding opportunities that build loyal customers and drive sales.
by Leah Genuario

As consumers become savvier than ever about makeup trends, cosmetic applicators have evolved to create a multitude of looks and finishes.
by Lindsay Elkins

May 2009

Carefully considered packaging shapes and unified color schemes prove effective when it comes to best-dressed tress appeal.
by Joanna Cosgrove, Online Editor

Metal accounts for a small percentage of beauty packaging, but when it comes to brand differentiation and luxury image, it packs a mighty punch.
by Leah Genuario

Somewhere along the way, sustainability lost its earthy-crunchy stigma and became the cost-savings buzzword of the consumer products world, in part, thanks to mega-retailer Wal-Mart. While some niche beauty brands have always followed this eco-friendly route, here's why large corporate boards are now pushing for sustainable measures and how packaging suppliers are innovating with new methods and materials, even in a slow economy.
by Jamie Matusow

From sun care wipes to a spritz of foam to hands-free applicators, sun care packaging has evolved to reflect the product-and the times.
by Jennifer Hagemann

John Delfausse of Estee Lauder poses new challenges
by John Delfausse

Maureen Kelly of Tarte talks about going green.
by Maureen Kelly and Candace Craig

Cosmetic Executive Women crown top products at their annual Beauty Awards gala.
by Joana Cosgrove, Online Editor

March 2009

As demonstrated by two different products utilizing Rexam pumps, color is an effective tool in differentiating airless packaging and achieving the right brand image.
by Leah Genuario

January / February 2009

Taking the excess bulk out of a package is one way to lessen the bottom line-and at the same time, increase efforts to go green.
by Joanna Cosgrove

December 2008

Packaging suppliers are pulling out the stops and looking to other sectors to meet beauty brands' quests for innovative ways to stand out on-shelf.
by Jamie Matusow

When it comes to dispensing trends, the popularity of airless dispensers tops the charts.
by Leah Genuario

October / November 2008

From applicators to zero waste, the B2B beauty event provided an incomparable look at the latest industry innovations.
by Jamie Matusow

Skin care is one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry-and never has packaging played a more important role.
by Leah Genuario

September 2008

Suppliers and marketers leverage the latest technologies and accessories to deliver brand-boosting tube packages.
by Leah Genuario, Contributing Editor

Heres to the winners. A group shot of all the finalists in the 2008 HBA International Package Design Awards.

July/August 2008

Recent projects highlight the many ways a cap can effectively enhance a package - and the consumer's experience.
by Leah Genuario

June 2008

"Very good!" was how many suppliers described the 41st edition of the Italian beauty show, which drew a record number of attendees.
by Jamie Matusow

Sample and trial sizes are growing in number-and yielding big results.
by Leah Genuario

April/May 2008

Beauty brands taking a serious look at sustainability issues should look on the bright side and welcome timely opportunities for innovation and cost reduction. Here, some sound advice and some savvy solutions...
by Jamie Matusow

Due to its recyclable nature, metal is shining brighter than ever with brand marketers all over the world.
by Leah Genuario

Sales in men's grooming are up-and competition is, too. Here's what some brands are doing to lure even the average Joe to more sophisticated choices.

March 2008

Once restricted to the luxury market, increased competition has brought down costs and made airless technology an option for all.
by Christine Esposito

Innovative beauty solutions house two products in unique packaging mediums.
by Joanna Cosgrove

December 2007

Luxe Pack Monaco celebrates 20 years with record crowds and timely solutions.
by By Jamie Matusow

November 2007

Its another record year for the biggest trade show in the U.S.
by Jamie Matusow

Color sells products and speaks volumes. Are you using it wisely?
by Christine Esposito

September 2007

Marketers are turning to tubes to package a wide array of personal care.
by Christine Esposito

July / August 2007

A look at innovative sun care packaging found on store shelves this summer.
by Leah Genuario

June 2007

Choosing the correct applicator is vital to a products success, and todays market offers more variety than ever.
by Leah Genuario

April / May 2007

A look at sustainable and recyclable packaging in the personal care arena.
by Ava Caridad

Both prestige and mass brands are showcasing metal packaging and components to emphasize quality and luxury.
by Leah Genuario

Travel and amenity sizes see a boost in popularity due to airline regulations.
by Christine Esposito

March 2007

Keeping air out and product integrity in.
by Christine Esposito

December 2006

Luxury packaging for cosmetics and personal care adds that certain something to high-end products looking to make their mark.
by Ava Caridad, Editor

October / November 2006

by Ava Caridad, Editor

September 2006

The International Package Design Awards competition includes finalists across 10 categories.

Tube suppliers race to provide better tubes faster at more economical price points.
by Christine Esposito

July / August 2006

Marketers utilize new packaging innovations to revamp a mature category.
by Christine Esposito

June 2006

Make room ladies. The men's beauty market is expanding and becoming more sophisticated.
by Stephan Kanlian

Applicators play an integral role in proper application and at-market product differentiation.
by Joanna Cosgrove

Serving as a marketing tool and as a protective outer shell, secondary packages fill two roles.
by Christine Esposito

April/May 2006

by Christine Esposito

March 2006

Fine tuned deco techniques blur the lines between the look of stock and custom packaging.
by Joanna Cosgrove

January / February 2006

by Michelle Sartor

December 2005

A tale of Joe: A story of a theoretical company and its outsourcing needs as it grows from a start-up to large brand marketer.
by Leah Genuario

October / November 2005

Innovative containers and sophisticated decoration help convince consumers to 'try it, you'll like it'
by Janet Herlihy

September 2005

Pampering products such as peels, facials and plumpers have become affordable everyday luxuries, both in and out of the spa.
by Joanna Cosgrove

A preview of the 13th annual beauty trade show held this month in New York City.

July / August 2005

Domestic tube suppliers labor under the increased pressure of international competitors while decorating innovation continues to enhance brand identity.
by Joanna Cosgrove

June 2005

Complex forces are driving the beauty industry
by Janet Herlihy

Being ecologically correct is proving to be cost effective as well.
by Janet Herlihy, Editor

April / May 2005

The en vogue styles are simple with a splash of color for added shelf appeal.
by Joanna Cosgrove

This hybrid category promises added benefits.
by Janet Herlihy

The review of the state of the beauty business in the countries of the former Soviet Union ends with the Ukraine and Belarus, where the legacy of Communism lingers.
by Gregory Grischenko, Contributing Editor

March 2005

A Simplified Description of the Origin of Plastics
by Jayme R. Leita, Senior Chemical Engineer, Eastman Chemical Company

January / February 2005

by Gregory Grischenko, Contributing Editor

November / December 2004

Domestic consolidation and foreign competition are key issues.
by Anita Shaw

Bulgaria and Romania are places to make and market beauty products.
by By Greg Grischenko, Contributing Editor

September / October 2004

Boxes, bags, cartons and embellishments can be the it factor.
by Joanna Cosgrove

by Janet Herlihy, Editor

July / August 2004

Packaging reflects and reveals brand identity and product formulas.
by Anita Shaw

Friends create a brand based on gift-giving and colorful creativity.

May / June 2004

Clever, sophisticated constructions make packaging better than ever.
by Anita Shaw

Suppliers continue to innovate and enhance ways to deliver small packages.
by Timothy Dowd

March / April 2004

What's hot in beauty: color, shape, materials and technologies.
by Janet Herlihy

This growth category demands specialized packaging.
by Timothy Dowd

How this leading prestige marketer creates innovative packaging.
by Janet Herlihy

January / February 2004

Enhanced printing technologies offer more choices than ever.
by Janet Herlihy

November / December 2003

Consolidation means fewer, but stronger, manufacturers.
by Janet Herlihy

Dior Addicts MaximEyes Package by Techpacks Team of Companies

September / October 2003

Protection, brand identification and differentiation are all key.
by Janet Herlihy

July / August 2003

Outsourcing is becoming more of a long term strategy.
by Janet Herlihy

May / June 2003

The gleam of gold, silver and other minerals adds that special touch to packaging for cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products.
by Anita Shaw

Packaging developments for sampling and unit-dose applications offer a variety of diminutive formats.
by Janet Herlihy

Product and package innovation fuel interest and sales.
by Carol Schuler Derrico

by Victor Suben, P. E.

Being able to offer marketers a variety of servicesfrom filling and sealing, to shrink-wrapping and packoutis a growing strategy for packaging suppliers.
by Janet Herlihy, Editor

March / April 2003

Cosmoprof 2003 was a good place to spot the latest/greatest from suppliers
by Janet Herlihy

January / February 2003

Improving quality, inventory cost savings and speedy production drive label proliferation
by Andy Teng

Fine fragrance styling varies from traditional to ultra-modern
by Janet Herlihy

CCL Plays Matchmaker for Aquelle

by Victor Suben, P. E.

November / December 2002

Attention-getting packaging is now more important for hair and skin care
by Ellen Wuagneux

Tube manufacturers develop enhancementsdecorating to dispensing
by Janet Herlihy

Contract manufacturing and contract packaging exert growing influence
by Janet Herlihy

by Victor Suben, P. E.

September / October 2002

Todays prestige packaging is clean, often clear and simply elegant
by Carol Schuler Derrico

In the beauty business, secondary packaging has primary importance
by Janet Herlihy

May / June 2002

Good things come in small packages
by Janet Herlihy

Products, packaging and presentation step up in mass venues
by Carol Schuler Derrico

Aluminum and tinplate bring fashion and function to packaging
by Janet Herlihy

Airtight cosmetic packaging poses unique challenges.
by Victor Suben, P. E.

Cosmetic component suppliers are busy developing new products: near right, a duo-pack from Arrowpack; far right, compacts chosen by Avon from Toly.

April 2002

Packaging design can make all the difference
by Janet Herlihy

February 2002

The youth markets are categories rich with potential for cosmetic and personal care marketers
by Janet Herlihy

January 2002

innovative tubes match sophisticated contents
by Janet Herlihy

Everything a marketer could need, and more, to package an upscale product was at the Grimaldi Forum. Despite some decline in attendance, overall mood was optimistic.
by Janet Herlihy, Editor

Fall 2001

todays packaging is more about functionality than looks
by Kerry Pianoforte

Miami-based Sothys USA has undergone a complete makeover to keep up with the pace of consumer appeal.
by Veronica MacDonald

Summer 2001

theres plenty of innovation out there
by Veronica MacDonald

aluminum, tinplate and other metals are becoming more popular
by Melanie K. Marchie

A Variety of Closures Now Available from MAC

Spring 2001

Winter 2000

The bath and body market keeps bubbling with creativity and innovation
by Veronica MacDonald

Fall 2000

Remodeled hair styling packages are shaking up the shelves in an effort to attract consumers.
by Veronica MacDonald

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Shimmering Pink Skin Care Line Debuts

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Expanded Production for Dispensing System

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Boob Lift in a Tube at Target

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