IT Cosmetics Co-Founder Wins Award

Posted on November 15, 2013 @ 07:38 am

IT Cosmetics ( Innovative Technology Cosmetics) Co-Founder & CEO Jamie Kern Lima as a 2013 Entrepreneurial Winning Woman. Kern Lima is one of 12 winners of the 2013 Entrepreneurial Winning Women competition, which is part of the Entrepreneur of The Year Awards.

The winners of the national leadership program designed to help accelerate growth of high-potential businesses founded by female entrepreneurs were announced by Ernst & Young LLP.

"I feel so blessed and honored that Ernst & Young is recognizing me and all of the incredible growth and potential of IT Cosmetics, and I am just humbled at the caliber of fellow women honored this year," states Kern Lima.

Lima continued, "I dedicate my life to creating innovative and effective solution-oriented makeup and skin care products that are laser focused on problem-solution, and truly giving women the power to look and feel their most beautiful. I am so grateful this authentic passion and mission is resonating with our customers, and that EY sees how powerful what we're doing at IT Cosmetics is, and more importantly, how incredible the potential of growth is!"

Kerrie MacPherson, Principal, Financial Services Office, and North American Entrepreneurial Winning Women Executive Sponsor at EY, commented:

"Over the past six years, the Entrepreneurial Winning Women program has grown into a highly competitive platform to help women entrepreneurs accomplish the key goals they have for their companies. Jamie Kern Lima is an exceptional business leader with great potential, and we are pleased to honor her as one of this year's winners."

Launched six years ago, the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program aims to help women entrepreneurs whose companies show great potential to scale big and become market leaders.
Since its inception, the program looks to help women entrepreneurs break through the barriers that keep thriving second-stage businesses from reaching their full potential.

Once selected, the entrepreneurs participate in an ongoing, customized program designed by EY to catalyze their companies' growth by building and fostering critical relationships, enhancing leadership skills, expanding business acumen and providing increased visibility.