Chicago Paper Tube Launches a New Green Option

Posted on November 11, 2013 @ 01:56 pm

Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company has expanded its line of Earth-conscious containers with a new product - the ½ oz EcoPush, which is patent pending.

Made from 100% paperboard, the oil-resistant EcoPush is ideal for balms, salves, solid perfume, sunscreen, and lip or whole-body balm. It's designed to replace pocket-sized plastic twist-up applicators.

Rachel Turner, client relationship consultant, Chicago Paper Tube, explained:

"It’s a response to our customers’ demand for a more compact EcoPush. The 1 oz size is great for body balms and solid perfumes, but a little too large for a lip balm. This smaller option greatly broadens the product’s appeal.”

All of the supplier's EcoPush dispensers (which come in a larger size, in addition to the new smaller EcoPush) contain 90% recycled paper, with 75% post-consumer content. The packaging is also completely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Chicago Paper & Tube also has EcoPak, another 'green' packaging solution. It was developed to reduce the amount of non-renewable materials traditionally used in 4 oz plastic jars, and was recognized with a DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation.