Green Award Winner at Luxe Pack

Posted on November 7, 2013 @ 10:31 am

Luxe Pack has presented its Luxe Pack in Green Award to James Cropper, in recognition of its perfect mastery of processes and in particular its eco-friendly Reclaimed Fibre Plant, which is a novel and sustainable response to the issue of paper cup recycling.

James Cropper has developed a process to extract cellulose fibre from PE coated paper cups. The cellulose fibre is then used to make high quality paper, the extracted PE coating is used to generate energy, and all the residual fibre and mineral mud is used in agricultural supplements.

Previously, these cups were either disposed of in landfills or burned and only a small amount of them were recycled and reused in low-end products. The cups could not be used by the paper industry because they contained plastic. In England alone, an estimated 2.5 billion of these cups are disposed of in landfills.

James Cropper invested five million pounds in designing and building this plant. The jury also appreciated the ambition of a return on investment in five years.

The runner-ups were:
Tubex, for its sholderless tube; Cosfibel, for its Ultralight Foldable; and Metsa Board, for Northern Light.

The winner was chosen by a jury of judges that included:

Michel Fontaine, president, French National Packaging Council; Patricia Cortijo, standing in for Elizabeth Laville, founder / director of the Sustainable Development Consultancy Firm, Utopies; Sandrine Sommer, sustainable development manager, Guerlain; Fanny Fremont, sustainable purchasing and botanical trade manager, Yves Rocher; Susanna Bonato, creative director, Comunicando; and Sandrine Noel, environment manager, Louis Vuitton.