Essie To Launch Better Gel Polish

Posted on August 30, 2013 @ 10:30 am

Since many professional gel manicures leave women with damaged nails after removing the color, Essie has set out to create a professional gel polish system developed to be non-damaging to nails.

Essie's first professional gel system launches in October, in a range of 36 colors. It will be available as a service in professional salons and nail bars, and isn't available as an at-home kit.

Essie Gel is designed to last 14 days. The formula contains keratin, and claims to infuse the nails with vitamins B5 and E.

The gel polish is packaged in bottles that are coated to protect the formula, and the labels are colored to match the product color.

The gel-polish curing LED light is encased in a very chic looking, square white case, shown. It's so stylish, it looks like the iMac of gel manicure lamps, no?