Adidas Packaging Attracting Attention

Posted on August 27, 2013 @ 02:24 pm

Coty expanded its adidas personal care line back in May to include a women's collection, plus new scents - like Dynamic Pulse. Now, the brand is promoting personal hygiene to back-to-school shoppers, and attempting to capture their attention with packaging that displays bold colors and striking graphics.

The adidas for women collection features packaging and products designed around the idea of wellness. (And this is a trend that Pearlfisher's Sophie Maxwell says more beauty brands should be capitalizing on).

The adidas for women shower gels (two of which are shown) are all in curvy, ergonomically shaped bottles - and the brightly colored products have enticing names like smooth, fresh, happy and relax.

The adidas for men collection is bolder, and darker - "designed for a champion," according to the brand. Many of the body care products in black bottles, decorated with brightly colored graphics and metallic hot stamping. (Dynamic Pulse, mentioned above, is an example of this look.)