HCT Debuts its Latest Innovations

Posted on August 20, 2013 @ 01:20 pm

HCT recently showed its Cooling Tip Technology, at the Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) show. The supplier's tip is a patented design made from Zamac, and it cools the skin as it is used.

Combining their Cooling Tip Technology with Pum-Tech's airless pump expertise, HCT created a finger-free, cooling ZAMAC tip on a vertical airless pump. This innovation brings further advancement to the application of complex skincare formulas, particularly those designed to treat the delicate eye area.

HCT also debuted its latest advancement in the brush category, CashmairT. These soft cosmetic brushes use an ultra-fine synthetic filament, which is designed to perform like natural hair - for a flawless application.

Also at the show, HCT introduced its newest endeavor - point of sale (POS).

Similar to HCT's packaging division, the POS team is putting a large emphasis on design innovation and displays. "We have built a talented team of in-house designers and engineers," says Erwan Depays, HCT's Global POS Manager. "I was very pleased with the great response we received from the show, as well as the promising opportunities which have arisen from it."