Billionaires Row Fragrance Line in Development

Posted on July 25, 2013 @ 02:52 pm

The global luxury brand Billionarie's Row, which designs and markets luxury goods for affluent customers while also raising money for several different charities, will be launching Billionaires Row Fragrances.

The brand has partnered with Firmenich and fragrance agency Brands With Purpose to start the creative development process.

"The artistically designed fragrances and distinctive packaging will embody the image and philosophy of luxury in a scent. 'Billionaires Row' will perfectly reflect the brand's luxurious, yet accessible, dynamic, energetic and modern philosophy," William Benson, chairman, Billionaires Row.

The "Billionaires Row" signature scent line will have a Woman's and a Man's fragrance. As with all Billionaires Row ventures, portions of the proceeds will support our charity efforts.