Preen.Me Launches a Blog

Posted on July 19, 2013 @ 08:29 am

In just one year, Preen.Me has grown to become one of the largest influential and viral community of beauty users. The website is expanding its reach with the Preen.Me Blog, at

Blog visitors can access Preen.Me's library of content that includes over 20,000 looks from the site's 1.6 million fans and 5,000+ makeup artist members. The blog is intended to be a creative space where Preen.Me editors present timely stories that reflect popular content from the Preen.Me platform.

Preen.Me, founded by CEO Tamar Yaniv & COO Haggai Klorman, began as a Facebook page – Beauty Addicts.

Preen.Me launched its official website in June 2012, which now enagages 7-8 million monthly users across all channels - five to ten times higher than that of many household names in the global beauty industry.

Facebook Beauty Addicts has 1.6+ million fans. 82% are in the 18-44 year old age range.
On average, Preen.Me posts on Facebook receive almost 4,000 likes, nearly 400 shares and reach 150,000+ people.

Preen.Me's overarching goal is to offer its members personalized product recommendations based on crowdsourcing and the user's social media graph, delivering a more holistic way to buy beauty better.

Without compromising the community experience, Preen.Me plans to roll out a number of collaborations with select partners, which will provide value both to the brands and the users.

Brands will have direct access to a large, highly engaged community, 100% of whom are passionate about beauty. Preen.Me's advanced database will provide brands with unprecedented information regarding actual product usage, price sensitivity and more, enhancing their ability to connect with customers and new trends.