Bionova Targets Forehead Wrinkles

Posted on June 28, 2013 @ 07:49 am

Bionova has launched a new anti-aging skin care product that's designed to target a new, specific part of the face - the forehead. The product is called Forehead Wrinkles & Frown Lines Treatment, and it launched at Barney's New York.

It is packaged in a jar, with a matte silver cap. Bionova has also launched Decollete Cream and an Upper Lip Treatment this year.

The formula was specially developed for forehead wrinkles, the brand says. It is made with "nano-complexes," including short chain polypeptides and enzymes, essential amino acids, bioactive carbohydrates and glycosoaminoglycans, bioflavonoids, anti-free radical scavengers, Skin Barrier System, glycoproteins, antioxidants, vitamins with their specific coenzymes, and more.

The product claims to minimizes appearance of forehead wrinkles and frown lines formation, through the increase syntheses of structural proteins. It also helps smooth the features of aging, promotes radiance, and protects the skin from environmental damage, among other benefits.