New Fragrance Deal for Stella McCartney

Posted on June 14, 2013 @ 07:29 am

P&G Prestige has signed a contract to enter into a license agreement with Stella McCartney, to manufacture and sell designer fragrance products beginning September 13, 2013, under the Stella McCartney brand name.

Joanne Crewes, president, P&G Prestige, said, "Stella McCartney is a truly iconic global brand with a modern, naturally sexy and confident approach to fashion. She has a unique, responsible approach to luxury and design. We look forward to extending that approach to beauty even further.”

P&G Prestige has stated that the deal is consistent with it’s strategy to grow the business with strong brands with global leadership potential.

Crewes added, “Stella McCartney enhances the P&G Prestige portfolio, and her passionate consumer base will enable us to reach more women around the world. Her unique point-of-view combined with our expertise in the fine fragrance category, our core strengths in brand building and innovation, and our global retail partnerships, create a perfect partnership for global growth and expansion. We are thrilled!"

We can probably expect to see the new partners working on developing new fragrance and beauty products for the brand, soon.

Stella McCartney commented: "I am incredibly excited to get working and to start a new world of beauty for us. There is so much energy already and we haven't even started, I just feel like we can do really wonderful things and explore the world of beauty, together, as a team.”