Fragrance Foundation and Firmenich at Frieze NY

Posted on May 10, 2013 @ 12:04 pm

Frieze NY, a contemporary art fair, is being held May 10-13th at New York's Randall's Island - and the Fragrance Foundation collaborated with one of its artists this year.

Maria Loboda is one of five artists invited to participate in the "Frieze Projects NY" program, and was asked to conceive a site-specific work that either reacts to the location of Randall’s Island or engages visitors with the experience of the fair.

Loboda decided to turn the park into a color-coded garden - and, an exact replica of an illustration of a European interior design motif from the 19th century. The artist translated a two-dimensional image into a living landscape of plants, flowers and shrubs, highlighting the relationship between interior and exterior, as well as two and three-dimensional landscapes.

Loboda worked with the Fragrance Foundation and Firmenich to create a sampler that is part of her project, so visitors can literally "smell" it. Scented samplers transport viewers to "a smoking room populated by elegant women who are exchanging ideas for their next worldwide art adventures," according to the artist.

Firmenich created the fragrance, which is inspired by tobacco. The Fragrance Foundation collaborated with the artist and supported the project.

Photo courtesy of The Fragrance Foundation's Twitter page