Nu Skin Restates Plans for China

Posted on April 19, 2013 @ 08:45 am

Nu Skin Enterprises is planning its annual trip to China to meet with sales leaders, but has already restated its goal of reaching $1 billion in annual revenue for the Greater China region by 2014.

"In 2010, when we set our $1 billion sales goal for the Greater China region, it seemed like an aspirational target...however, with momentum building in the region and the positive response we are receiving from customers in this growing market, we now believe the goal is achievable well within the original time frame," stated Truman Hunt, CEO, Nu Skin.

During its trip overseas, Nu Skin will also be highlighting one of its most recent innovations, the ageLOC Body Spa, at a convention in Seoul, Korea - one of the company's top markets.
Hunt also said Nu Skin's goal for 2020 is to achieve $5 billion in global annual revenue.