PBA and Kline Collaborate

Posted on March 7, 2013 @ 08:56 am

A new service for the salon industry based on transactional data. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is partnering with Kline & Company to monitor transactional sales data from salon chains, independent salons, distributors, and salon/spa software management companies.

This information will provide detailed, highly accurate, and actionable market intelligence. It is part of a new service, which Kline and Company now offers, called Kline PRO.

This new transactional data that is being collected will ultimately help identify trends, benchmark performance, evaluate competitive beauty-related sectors, and aid in the decision-making processes for businesses involved in the professional beauty industry. It will also enable PBA to better design educational content for events and webinars.

"PBA is continually working to broaden the scope and accuracy of industry research, which benefits our members and the industry as a whole," said Steve Sleeper, executive director, Professional Beauty Association.

"We will continue to encourage all parties to work with PBA and Kline on this important initiative so that the most accurate data can be collected and used in the decision-making process."

Carrie Mellage, Kline's director of consumer products, said, "We are thrilled to be in a position to fill the massive data void that has existed in the professional beauty world for years, and that our clients and the industry have confidence in our ability to do so. Teaming with PBA will ensure the success of this program and will help make it a useful resource for the entire industry."

Kline will be contacting organizations directly in order to provide more details concerning data collection and use. The company ensures that the data collected will remain anonymous. PBA encourages its members and other parties to join in this timely initiative.