Future Outlook for Avon, Arden, and More

Posted on February 28, 2013 @ 08:34 am

Investors Alliance announced new research reports, with details predicting the financial future for Avon Products, Colgate-Palmolive, Elizabeth Arden and Nu Skin.

According to the company, Avon seems to be poised long-term success, due to its many opportunities for growth. Analysts say Avon's turnaround plan may help the company meet modern market trends. Avon has 6 million direct-selling representatives, which is a perfect model for using social media to sell products. Online selling and promotion is expected to boost Avon's revenues. Avon is expected to modestly increase its budget for marketing and promotion as it finds new ways to engage existing and future markets.

Regarding Colgate, analysts and investors say the company is continuing to show a consistent performance and a positive outlook. Although Colgate is an established brand in the global market, analysts still see a great potential for the company in emerging markets as the demand for oral care products continues to increase. Colgate's oral care line is said to have generated the highest growth as it accounts for 40% of the company's total value.

Elizabeth Arden recently completed the conversion of its flagship doors, and has been attracting old and new markets to boost its sales. Analysts says Elizabeth Arden's U.S. flagship doors generated a 24% year-over-year retail sales, while its international flagship doors delivered 9% retail sales growth.

Investors Alliance says that Elizabeth Arden will grow its international sales through the launch of new products in fiscal second quarter, while its travel retail business will be a key driver for growth.

Nu Skin has a healthy outlook that has been keeping the stock on the green, analysts say. Nu Skin's regional results showed impressive revenue growth, and the company is expecting this positive trend to continue in 2013. Nu Skin showed a 50% increase in dividends and has been attracting steady inflows. Analysts predict Nu Skin will continue with its dividend streak amid the improving economy.