Tweezerman Recruits Lindsey Vonn

Posted on February 13, 2013 @ 07:16 am

The most decorated alpine skier in American history, Lindsey Vonn, has signed on to become Tweezerman's first ever brand ambassador for North America. Vonn will will participate in various marketing activities throughout the year, including Tweezerman's very first television commercial and a comprehensive digital campaign.

"We are very proud to have worked with Lindsey Vonn...said Dr. Conny Wittke, CEO / president, Tweezerman International. "Our very first commercial featuring Lindsey Vonn perfectly embodies what we are all about: preparation, precision and performance."

Vonn stated that she was excited about the new partnership. About the brand, she said: "In my profession, preparation, precision and performance are everything and I need top quality precision tools to get me to the finish line on and off the slopes."