JLo is Glowing, Again

Posted on February 13, 2013 @ 08:56 am

Jennifer Lopez has launched her 19th fragrance this month, Forever Glowing by JLo. The fragrance marketed by Coty is available at Kohl's - and the bottle literally glows.

The new fragrance is packaged in the same type of illuminating bottle as JLo's last fragrance, Glowing, which launched in Spring 2012. Atomizers of the 50 and 75 ml bottles light up for 15 seconds after pressing.

Although the packaging technology isn't new, it's pretty unique for a fragrance. Light-up bottles have also been used in the spirits industry, for brands such as Ty Ku, an Asian liqueur in a glass bottle that glows green.

Forever Glowing by JLo is a "sensual floral" fragrance. It contains saffron, white pepper, white honey neroli, jasmine, suede, toffee, vanilla and patchouli.