An Acquisition for Sun & Skin Care Research

Posted on February 11, 2013 @ 09:08 am

Sun & Skin Care Research announced that it completed the acquisition of the popular sunscreen brand Bull Frog from Chattem, Inc., a Division of Sanofi US.

"Bull Frog is an iconic brand that we believe will respond positively to our laser focus on the sun care category and our commitment to growing brands through innovation, advertising and best-in-class retail service," said Steve Taylor, chief executive officer, Sun & Skin Care Research. "We are well positioned to leverage the Bull Frog market opportunity and drive the brand to a new level."

Bull Frog has a history of innovation and was the first sun care brand to provide water resistant protection and the first mass marketed sunscreen/insect repellent line. Launched in 1985 in California, Bull Frog offered serious sun protection to surfers who spent hours in the water.
The brand has expanded beyond that core audience, and its customers include those who lead an active life style who are looking for water resistant and insect repellent protection. Bull Frog Mosquito Coast is the number one selling combination sunscreen and insect repellent.

"This acquisition is consistent with our long-term strategy, which includes growing our sun care portfolio with clearly differentiated offerings as part of a broader diversification strategy," added Taylor.

Sun & Skin Care Research is based in Cocoa, Florida, where it develops, manufactures and distributes sun protection and skin care products, including Ocean Potion, NO-AD, and Parrot Head from Margaritaville.