Cognex's New Compact Readers

Posted on February 7, 2013 @ 07:27 am

Cognex has announced a new series of compact barcode readers designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading, the DataMan 50L. They're small - measuring just 23.5mm x 27mm x 43.5mm, with IP65-rated housing. It's ideal for mounting in very tight spaces on production lines and in machinery.

DataMan 50L is equipped with "Hotbars." a proprietary image analysis technology that delivers the highest read rates in the industry, according to Cognex.

"This product is ideal for customers who want to improve read rates, especially if they have barcodes printed on reflective or pliable surfaces or damaged barcodes," says Carl Gerst, business unit manager for ID Products. Gerst adds, "Our technology has successfully replaced laser scanners in complex barcode reading applications, like multi-sided scanning, for years. The DataMan 50L is premium technology designed for 1-D-oriented barcode reading, and it delivers read rates that can surpass 99%."

Another feature of the DataMan 50L: a three-position lens and an integrated aimer for easy setup at different working distances.