Unilever's New Revolutionary Deodorant Can

Posted on February 5, 2013 @ 08:23 am

After years of research - Unilever has now been able to launch women's deodorant in new 75 ml cans, for its Sure, Dove and Vaseline Intensive Care brands, in the UK. The products were previously in 150 ml cans, but Unilever was able to 'shrink' the packaging, since the products require less propellant to deliver each spray.

Amanda Sourry, chairman, Unilever UK & Ireland, said, "Compressed aerosols provide consumers with a product that lasts just as long as the previous one, and is more sustainable. We are confident that this represents the beginning of a revolution in deodorants, as people come to see the benefits of this new packaging."

The new packaging reduces reduces the product's carbon footprint by 25% on average, per can. Currently, 19 million cans of deodorant are used in the UK every year - 80% of customers in this region prefer aerosols to roll-on or stick deodorant.

Since the new cans use on average 25 per cent less aluminum, there will be 24 fewer tons of aluminum needed for packaging - which would save enough to make 1,846,000 soft drink cans or 12,000 aluminum bikes.

The reduction will also result in a 283 ton reduction in carbon used every year for Unilever brands alone. The CO2 savings would be equal to the average emissions of a car traveling 51 times around the earth.

Richard Swannell, director of Design and Waste Prevention at WRAP, commented:

"The new aerosols represent a step change in the aerosol category and WRAP applauds Unilever's leadership role in evolving the format. Through the Courtauld Commitment we have encouraged packaging innovation and these new aerosols deliver both impressive packaging and transport savings. We hope the environmental benefits, as well as the convenient small size, are appreciated by the consumer."

He adds, "Unilever's prominent support for the recycling of aerosols at the end of their life is also demonstrated through supporting initiatives such as Metal Matters."