Avon's New Line Eraser

Posted on February 4, 2013 @ 06:37 am

In alliance with the NeoStrata Company, a global leader in topical anti-aging technologies, Avon had previously developed a formulation that leverages the power of A-F33, Aminofill 33. This innovative molecule is exclusive to Avon and works in a way other well known anti-aging ingredients like Retinol and AHA’s do not, the brand says. Now, Avon has applied this technology to its latest launch - ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment with A-F33.

The eye treatment product is said to visibly reduce lines. In Avon's tests, it was clinically shown to improve the look of under-eye and crow’s feet fine wrinkles by 36%. It is packaged in a slim tube that has a dispensing tip. It is launching in February 2013.

The same molecule was used in the formulation for Avon's anti-aging serum, which launched in 2012 and was touted as a "Beauty Breakthrough" by Allure magazine.