Art & Fragrance's Acquisition

Posted on January 30, 2013 @ 09:09 am

Art & Fragrance has acquired the filling and logistics company, Cosmetics Perfumes Services SAS (CPS), which had been a family owned company that is based in Ury, France. CPS's past customers include Lalique and Nina Ricci. Art & Fragrance will now gradually transfer the conditioning of its fragrance portfolio to CPS.

“By in-sourcing the production and logistics for our perfume brands, we are controlling and securing a key element in our value chain. This is an important strategic advantage in light of our now significant perfume volume. We also expect savings in our production and logistics costs in the medium term,” explained Roger von der Weid, CEO, Art & Fragrance.

Art & Fragrance creates, develops, markets and distributes luxury products, worldwide. This acquisition will mean long-term order security and stability, which is critical in the highly competitive filling market, the company says.