Tru Fragrance's New 'Green' Partnership

Posted on January 10, 2013 @ 09:01 am

Tru Fragrance is partnering with author and TV host Danny Seo. Seo is an authority on environmental and eco-friendly living. The team will work with Firmenich to develop and bring to market unique fragrances and innovative skincare products, which will launch next fall.

"I met with numerous companies about creating a new line of products and what I loved about Tru Fragrance is their willingness to think outside the box and their commitment to producing high quality products," said Seo. "And they are so appropriately named to be my partner: I believe they really will remain 'Tru' to my desire to create extraordinary products for women all over the world."

Monte Henige, CEO of Tru Fragrance, said: "We pride ourselves on providing industry innovation through new and unique products for our customers, and Danny’s background in the beauty space combined with his passion for the world around us made this partnership a perfect fit - as we look to consistently deliver something new to consumers and meet the growing demand for unique and efficacious beauty products."