ScenTrend's 2013 Fragrance Note

Posted on January 3, 2013 @ 10:02 am

According to Scentsy Fragrance, Violet Leaf is the next fragrance note trend for 2013. Scentsy's ScenTrend identifies up-and-coming trends in fragrances, predicting that consumers will soon find them in fine fragrances and home scents.

The Violet Leaf note is earthy and herbaceous, and extracted from the heart-shaped leaves of the violet plant. Unlike the fragrance of a violet flower which is sweet and powdery, Violet Leaf is green with a subtle floral undertone and watery accents of melon and cucumber.

"In our fast-paced society, people yearn for simple, disconnected moments," said Heidi Thompson, president of Scentsy. "Violet Leaf's pure expression of nature is the perfect backdrop to unwind and decompress in today's increasingly connected, digital world."