Shiseido's Commemorative Packaging

Posted on December 27, 2012 @ 10:35 am

Shiseido will be launching limited edition Ginza Kabukiza Oil Blotting Paper on April 2, 2013 - commemorating the opening of Japan's new Kabukiza theater. The packaging's motif is a Chinese phoenix, which is also Kabukiza's crest.

The facial blotting paper (shown) is produced using a gold foil manufacturing method developed in Kanazawa, a major gold leaf producer in Japan. A gold beating machine repeatedly beats a stack of special Japanese paper to finely break the fibers down, achieving perfect refinement. As you gently apply pressure to your face over the blotter, it absorbs oil. Among the 30 sheets in each package, three have a gilt Chinese phoenix crest embossing printed on them.

Shiseido shares a history with the original Kabukiza theater, a wooden structure built in 1889. Shiseido was founded in 1872. Setti Komura, a prominent Japanese-style painter, worked for both - he designed the stage sets for Kabukiza, and designed Shiseido's first perfume packaging while working for the company's design department.

The original Kabukiza theater burned down in 1921. Reconstruction began in 1922, but ceased due to an earthquake in 1923. It was rebuilt and then again damaged during a bombing in WWII. next, it was restored in 1950 - and then demolished again, this time for concerns over structural issues. Finally the new theater complex has been built, and is scheduled to open this year.