Cosmetic Summits Close, Plan for 2013

Posted on December 17, 2012 @ 03:28 pm

The European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetic Summit ended last month in Paris, marking the last of ten editions in an international series that took place around the world. At the Summit, 150 beauty execs participated in discussions about best practices for sustainability, green ingredients, and the impact of new technologies. Further editions will once again be held in major geographic regions around the world in 2013, including New York in May; Sao Paulo in September; Paris in October; and Hong Kong in November.

Among the speakers in Paris were Nikos Koutsianas, founder of Apivita, who commented on the growing complexity of the sustainability challenge during his keynote address. He encouraged more cosmetic companies to use green formulations.

Inken Hollmann-Peters spoke about Beiersdorf's ‘We Care’ initiative, and said that its critical for top management to commit to sustainability. Beiersdorf plans to reduce its product carbon footprint by 30%, in 2020. It will also generate half its sales from products that have a significantly reduced environmental footprint, plus, help give education to half a million children in developing countries.

The challenges faced by natural & organic beauty brands were also discussed. Organic Monitor stated that brands need to raise their game as the competitive landscape continues to was change, with many multinational brands now launching natural and organic lines.

Another topic of discussion was the impact of new technologies on sustainable development in the cosmetics industry. For instance,
Estee Lauder uses interactive kiosks in retail outlets to provide consumers with skin diagnostics, which can raise product sales.