Applied Minerals Partners with HCT

Posted on December 5, 2012 @ 08:36 am

Applied Minerals, a leading global producer of Halloysite Clay Solutions, has partnered with HCT Group to develop, manufacture and market an all-natural line of specialty skincare products. The products will be based on Dragonite Halloysite Clay.

Applied Minerals' Dragonwhite-Purewhite, a cosmetic-grade aluminosilicate clay mineral, is suited for applications such as fragrances, deodorants, color cosmetics, nail products and extenders. The ingredient is sourced from Applied Minerals' Dragon Mine deposit in Utah, the world's purest commercial source of Halloysite Clay. The ingredient is also ideal for use in high-end cosmetic aplications due to its hollow micro-tubular structure that serves as a natural carrier for an extended/sustained-release of active ingredients. It can extend the life of a cosmetic application while increasing its efficacy.

Tim Thorpe, president of HCT, commented, "We are very excited to be working with Applied Minerals. The joint venture will call upon a world class R&D team to develop highly innovative consumer products featuring Applied Minerals' unique material and technological know-how, allowing us to bring exclusive new products and concepts to HCT's customers."

Andre Zeitoun, president and CEO of Applied Minerals, further commented, "We are very excited to have established this partnership with an industry leader like HCT. Their award-winning consumer product innovations and turnkey manufacturing capabilities have earned them the trust of the largest brands in the marketplace."

The global market for efficient natural cosmetics has grown exponentially in recent years along with the demand for unique natural carriers. In targeting this market, HCT and Applied Minerals are in preliminary discussions with branding and distribution partners that will complement and benefit from the key attributes of the all-natural product line to be developed and marketed by their joint venture.