A Better Way to Read 2-D Codes

Posted on October 30, 2012 @ 03:07 pm

Cognex Corporation has announced that its DataMan DPM reading technology has gone portable --- making it possible to use on an integrated handheld device that can be helpful on the factory floor.

The DataMan 9500 industrial-grade mobile computer is small, lightweight, and has ergonomic controls. It can be used to read challenging DPM (direct part mark) codes. It also offers direct connectivity to factory networks via Wi-Fi and an integrated GUI.

“In applications like subassembly rework, repair or maintenance, inventory management or process tracking, it’s necessary to be able to read 2-D codes and get real-time feedback to the operator on the factory floor,” said Carl Gerst, business unit manager for ID Products.

Gerst continued to explain, “Now, with the DataMan 9500, even the most challenging DPM codes can be read and transferred to the factory network via Wi-Fi for real-time data collection. The DataMan 9500 expands the types of applications where 2-D DPM codes can be read and viewed.”