Scope's Bold New Bottle Shapes

Posted on October 2, 2012 @ 08:59 am

P&G gave the Scope mouthwash brand a packaging makeover. Consumers will certainly notice the new eye-catching curvy bottles and caps on store shelves, which will no doubt help the brand stand out amongst competitors.

All 3 Scope varieties, Outlast, Dual Blast and Classic, will tout the new user-friendly packages, which are thoughtful designs. Outlast and Dual Blast's new bottles have a long, narrow neck, which looks like it makes the bottle easy to grip. Classic has an ergonomic indentation -- perhaps in an effort to inspire consumers to pick it up more often.

P&G's marketing team has branded the new look with a new persona, "Courage Encouraged." The brand's new marketing message intends to inspire users to feel like they have "kiss-ready confidence" after using Scope.