Anisa's Innovative Brushes

Posted on September 20, 2012 @ 09:31 am

Anisa International partnered with DuPont to create cosmetic brushes made with an innovative fiber blend, for Cover FX's recent launch. The brand's Powder Brush and Cream Foundation Brush are sold at Sephora stores.

The brushes are made with 50% Natrafil, a fiber developed by DuPont. Natrafil is specially treated, and will mimic the performance of animal hair, without bristle fall-out.

Most of the brushes currently on the market are made from animal hair, because synthetics typically pose performance issues, according to Anisa International. "The incredible Natrafil test results demonstrate excellent powder pick-up and release, proving that makeup artists, and now consumers, won't have to compromise on performance when opting for synthetic fiber over animal hair," said Anisa Telwar, president and founder, Anisa International. "For retailers, the reliable supply chain ensures that our clients have a consistent, dependable product that is delivered on time," she adds.