Men’s High-end Skin Care Line Launches

Posted on August 30, 2012 @ 08:04 am

J. Paul Men’s Skin Care recently launched at Nordstrom, providing an immediate distribution channel. J. Paul unveiled its retail operations in 2011 by landing nearly 50 high-end boutique accounts throughout the country.

“The expansion into Nordstrom will make J. Paul products more readily available into areas of the country where J. Paul has yet to roll-out its skin care line through any retailers,” said company co-founder, Paul Looney. “We are excited about partnering with Nordstrom, a prestigious retailer who has long focused on both providing premium products and high quality service to its customers.”

In September, J. Paul will be offering a select Gift with Purchase package to customers that includes a face scrub, shave cream and aftershave with a free SPF moisturizer and sunscreen product. The J. Paul launch campaign will focus on encouraging men to use J. Paul’s flagship product, Glide Shave Cream, which is designed for men who have tough thick beards and those who have a variety of skin irritation issues associated with shaving.

J. Paul is targeting the men’s high-end skin care market with six initial product offerings: pre-shave, shave cream, aftershave, sunscreen/lotion, body wash and a travel set. Employing the philosophy of “simplicity,” the company developed its products to be multi-functional that will address several skin care needs at once.