Arden Digitally Cleans Up

Posted on August 7, 2012 @ 07:04 am

Elizabeth Arden has tapped Arctools to purge and archive Oracle ERP data. The data purging and archiving project will enable the IT department to increase business efficiencies and accommodate the anticipated growth of the business. Arctools will help Elizabeth Arden reduce storage costs, minimize time spent on database administration and increase ERP performance levels. By adopting a proactive data management strategy, the IT team will also ensure that future business growth will not strain IT infrastructure and that data conversion times during future JDE upgrades will be kept to a minimum.

“Data purging and archiving, although critical processes necessary to the healthy up-keep of any ERP system, are not considered value-add nor a core competency of our IT mission,” says Dave Lathan, Vice President of Information Technology for Elizabeth Arden. "Our ultimate goal is to improve ERP Performance, both from a UBE perspective, as well as the response times for end-users and thus improve productivity across the organization.”