Revlon Gets Expressive

Posted on July 10, 2012 @ 08:33 am

Revlon is reaching out to encourage women to get engaged. The company has launched the Revlon Expression Experiment, a digital engagement platform designed to spark a social movement of makeup experimentation. The Expression Experiment celebrates the essence of the Revlon brand, engaging consumers in a modern and current way, according to the company. Housed on an interactive Facebook hub (accessible via ), the new platform will provide women with monthly challenges - beginning with a 'Red Lipstick Challenge.' To support participants during those challenges, Revlon will post inspirational videos, including some created by female college filmmakers, as well as how-to video tutorials with celebrity makeup artist and Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman, weekly makeup application tips, colorful photos and product recommendations. Each time a challenge is completed, participants will be able to share their experience on both the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook hub, as well as their personal Facebook page, and invite friends to join them in the next challenge. Westman will be a frequent contributor of content to the Expression Experiment hub and Revlon Global Brand Ambassador Halle Berry is featured in the platform's introductory video.

"Inspiring expressive women and daring them to step out of their comfort zone have always been at the heart of our brand," said Revlon Global Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin. "Through extensive consumer research and insight, we've learned that while women around the world are interested in innovative products, they are hesitant and need inspiration to express their inner selves. Whether it's venturing into the world of bold lipstick or trying this season's trendiest nail art designs, women need to be challenged to take a chance with their beauty routine and try something different. The Revlon Expression Experiment does just that."

The Revlon Expression Experiment was created in partnership with VML, Revlon's global digital agency. "Harnessing true social engagement has become vital for brands as they seek to become an inherent part of the consumer's life in a real and tangible way," said Debbi Vandeven, chief creative officer at VML. "By creating a community where women can educate and express themselves and then inspire others to do the same, Revlon is also creating brand advocates. It's a fresh and compelling way for Revlon's key audience to engage with the brand that only a social platform like this can achieve."