Teens and Tweens More Engaged Purchasers

Posted on May 22, 2012 @ 08:44 am

Female tweens (8-12) and teens (13-17) are becoming more engaged in beauty purchasing, according to the third installment of Insight into the Youth Beauty Market report by The NPD Group Inc. Teens’ and tweens’ regular usage of beauty products stabilized in 2011. Although the level of engagement in the category today does not appear to be back to pre-recession/2007 levels, the types of products being used have remained consistent with 2009 levels. Lip moisturizers/balms, body moisturizers/lotions, and mascara continue to be the top three regularly used products among teens, and lip gloss, body washes/cleansers/gels, and lip moisturizers/balms continue to be the top three beauty products regularly used among tweens today.

Based on reported spending in the past month, tweens estimated spending an average of $9.80 on beauty products, up $.60 from 2009 estimates. Likewise, teens report spending an average of $13.60 on beauty products in the past month, up from an average of $12.10 in 2009. The price, quality and value of beauty products are important to both age groups. “Far from the fickle and fiscally carefree image most adults associate with tweens and teens, youth consumers continue to be price conscious and savvy shoppers like their older counterparts. These traits are reflected in their behavior as they continue to look for discount offers, and display less willingness to pay full price for beauty products,” explains Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst, The NPD Group.