Shoe Designer Enters Cosmetics Market

Posted on May 14, 2012 @ 07:39 am

Famed French shoe designer Christian Louboutin — known for his stylish red soled shoes — recently announced plans to launch his first cosmetics line in late 2013. Christian Louboutin SA and Batallure Beauty LLC will team for the joint venture to establish Christian Louboutin Beaute. The newly formed company, which marks Louboutin's first entry into the beauty industry, will develop and globally market luxury beauty products. More details of the range will be forthcoming. Industry insiders speculate that Louboutin's signature red will play a significant role in products and packaging.

"Twenty years ago I started what I thought would be a small adventure, which ended up becoming a company. The beauty adventure is a natural extension for someone like me, who likes to empower women and to be a part of creating beauty seems like the right next step," said Louboutin.

Sam Ghusson, Batallure President & CEO added: "Christian Louboutin understands how women want to see themselves — stylish, compelling and beautiful. We look forward to partnering with Christian in building Christian Louboutin Beaute into a significant business."