Eternal Youth with a High Price Tag?

Posted on April 30, 2012 @ 07:58 am

How much will the beautiful people—and beautiful wannabees—be willing to pay for eternally youthful looking skin? Hollywood celebrities, known for adopting trendy formulas regardless of price, have apparently been the inspiration for a London based cult skin care brand, Angel & Weightman, which has launched a new, anti-aging cream. But the product may not be one for the masses, as it rings in at more than $2,000.

The anti-aging cream is called “The Count of St Germain,” after the 17th century European courtier and alchemist, who according to legend, possessed the secret of eternal youth. The cream relies on a combination of botanical extracts, minerals, nutrients, collagen, enzymes, concentrated vitamins and stem cell research, to diminish wrinkles and renew the skin.
Sandra Rothberg, Angel & Weightman's director of product development, commented, "Movie stars, especially female stars, are icons because they are ageless and larger than life. They represent perfection, and are like modern day equivalents of the Count of St Germain, because they transcend all notions of aging. It's because of this, movie stars always stay relevant, and always remain young in our minds. We wanted to give our clients the same kind of power, and give them the means to look younger."

She continued, "That is why we created the St Germain anti-aging cream, because it improves skin at the cellular level, and gives women control, over how their skin looks, and feels. Originally, it was a custom order for a wealthy Russian client, who said she wanted to look younger. She was so pleased with the results, that she gave us permission to market the formula, because she wanted others to enjoy the same benefits. Hollywood stars inspire us, not just because of their accomplishments, or star power, but because they are committed to helping the less fortunate. This is why a portion of every sale that we make of our anti-aging products goes to charities that help women in need."

The Count of St Germain, at $2,499, is among the most expensive anti-aging creams in the world, and is the latest product offering from Angel & Weightman. Its new range includes the made-to-order premium Alchemist skin care line, which starts at $199 and the diffusion skin care line Olympian, which starts at just $39.99.