CoValence Active Lights Up Moisturizer

Posted on April 26, 2012 @ 08:52 am

Just as a ‘ray of light’ is most meaningful after an extended period of darkness, CoValence’s Ray of Light puts the reverse on years of skin care neglect. The company says the brightening results generated from Ray of Light are being marveled at by skin care enthusiasts.

One of Ray of Light’s brilliant ingredients is called the Sea Daffodil… a beautiful white flower that blooms at dusk on the Greek island of Crete. According to CoValence, this "steel magnolia-type" flower has survived centuries of harsh elements, yet it still survives… and it is those survival methods that help to brighten skin. Along with beautiful Sea Daffodil, Ray of Light has a number of brighteners that fight a multitude of functions that cause premature aging of the skin. CoValence says that in addition to brightening, the actives inhibit tyrosinase activity, prevent damage cause by the environment and protect nuclear and mitochondria DNA. The company says skin will look younger and more luminous after using Ray of Light for just five days. But the more often it's applied, the more beautiful skin will become.