Male Skin Care Products in Demand

Posted on April 17, 2012 @ 08:37 am

Popularity and demand for customized male skin care product lines, such as Skin Authority MAN, is on the rise. “The days of men grabbing products from their wife’s counter are over. With 83% of men being attracted to products which are specifically packaged for them and males spending $3.5 billion a year on plastic surgery*, it is clear that there is no longer a negative stigma to men taking steps to look better or younger,” said Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling. “Skin Authority MAN delivers what today’s men want: visible results from the first drop and the virtual coaching needed to stick with it long enough to reach their personal skin goal.”

The Skin Authority Man line features a bold-yet-serious look with gray, black, blue, and white tubes. It is designed as a simple daily skin routine that helps combat aging. The products are formulated with Dry Finish Technology and AOX Technology™ Boost for an “antioxidant boost”. Age Defying Daily Wash, Age Defying Shave Serum, Age Defying Conditioning Toner, and Age Defying Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 UVA 4 are included in the range.

*Sources: ISPA and American Society of Plastic Surgeons