Lindal Refines Focus to Aerosol

Posted on April 10, 2012 @ 11:59 am

With a focus on its core business growth, Lindal Group, a developer and manufacturer of valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products, has announced the sale of Russia-based Linar GmbH to the Massilly Group.
According to Francois-Xavier Gilbert, CEO, Lindal Group, the sale of Linar exemplifies Lindal’s dedication to the development of innovative aerosol valves and actuators.

Linar, a producer of tinplate aerosol cans for industrial and consumer products, is based in the Stavropol region of Russia. Massilly is a family owned company specializing in metal packaging solutions.

“The need for precision, dependable and innovative packaging is more important than ever, which is why our dedication to best-in-breed aerosol solutions proves so valuable for our customers,” Gilbert said. “Our sale of the can-maker Linar allows us to remain on-strategy and dedicated to core business growth in valves and actuators, which supports our regional and multinational customers.”

Recent Lindal Group aerosol innovations include advances in Bag on Valve technology, as well as the TruSpray aerosol system