Skincare Market Trends in India

Posted on March 20, 2012 @ 08:16 am

A report on Beauty Salon and Services Industry: Consumer Trends in the Skincare Market in India, 2011 is now available. It provides integrated survey-based data on consumer trends, consumer groups and market data which show the size of consumer groups, how much of the Skincare market they account for and which consumer trends drive their behavior. The survey-based data provided in the report examines over 20 consumer trends that affect the market and examines the share of sales across 26 consumer groups – providing through the data a detailed insight into exactly who the consumer is and just how much impact the latest consumer trends are having. Consumer survey data is provided for the following specific categories: body care, depilatories, facial care, hand care and make-up remover. Detailed consumer segmentation based on survey data covering over 26 consumer groups, 20 consumer trends and consumption frequency for each product category is also provided.

The Indian Skincare market is dominated by the branded products. Private label penetration is highest for depilatories and lowest for body care products. One driver of this is India's fragmented retail market, with private label traditionally more successful in mature, concentrated retail markets, according to the report. Changing age structures and changing lifestyles are the two most important trends driving consumers' choices of Skincare products. India's Skincare market is being shaped by its large young population, growing affluence of the middle class and growing urbanization. The report also details the distribution of Skincare products in India, which is relatively fragmented. Though the leading retailer has a market share of 28%, four retailers have a market share in excess of 10% and six have a market share in excess of 5%. To order this report see