Toothy Tabs Target Tube Toothpaste Market

Posted on January 25, 2012 @ 08:53 am

Toothy Tabs, from LUSH, takes conventional toothpaste and literally strips it down. The company’s solid tabs eradicate the need for both packaging and preservatives, and come in a 100% recycled box, according to LUSH. Each pack contains 40 tabs, which are placed in the mouth and crushed, and then brushing continues normally. The company notes that Toothy Tabs eliminate the need for tube packaging. The tabs have a mild base of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar, both ingredients found in commonly used baking powder. A surfactant creates the foaming effect that helps dissolve the bacterial build up on teeth when combined with brushing. Sodium bicarbonate helps to thoroughly clean and whiten teeth and the cream of tartar helps to make the solid form. Dicalcium phosphate is included to help polish the teeth, glycerine acts as a humectant while saccharin sweetens. The tabs come in six flavors created by perfumer Simon Constantine.

“We use beautiful ingredients such as essential oils and fine spices, which is unique in the world of toothpastes. Toothy tabs create a foaming effect which people love, they give the mouth a squeaky clean feeling and a freshness that lasts and lasts,” says Helen Ambrosen, LUSH co-founder and inventor of the Toothy Tabs.